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Dangers of Travel

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A rare trip goes exactly according to a given plan, and unexpected turns of relaxation are not always pleasant. Almost all the dangers of travel that tourists face have long been known to everyone, but circumstances can develop in such a way that it is extremely difficult to predict them.

However, when going on vacation to a foreign country, you need to remember the possible dangers .


When traveling by train or bus, the probability of being robbed is very high. In this regard, the countries of the Caucasus, the Middle East and Asia are the most dangerous. In almost every train of these there are dozens of thieves, for whom to rob tourists – almost constant income.

These thieves work according to the standard scheme – they enter the train, steal luggage, documents or money, and then they just come out, which makes it almost impossible to catch them, especially in a foreign country.

Preventing this is quite simple - – you just need to sleep on your luggage and close the compartment door tightly. If the road does not take long, then it is better not to fall asleep at all. Also, do not drink alcohol, as it weakens attention. All money and documents should be kept with you, and under no circumstances should you put them in your bags.


Thief on a scooter

However, robberies do not only happen in poor and undeveloped countries. For example, a little over a thousand US citizens apply to the American Embassy in Italy every year to recover a stolen passport.

Luggage and personal belongings in European countries are stolen much less often, but there is always a demand for documents, phones and money.

Most often, property is stolen on the beaches, from hotel rooms and rented cars. In Sicily, robberies with a pistol or a sawed-off gun still sometimes occur - in this case, it is better to give money and jewelry without question if you do not want to part with your life.

In France, you can easily become a victim of gypsies who will distract you with their conversations, and in the meantime, they will clean your bag and pockets. And in the presentable southern resorts, leaving the hotel at night, you can easily become a victim of an armed robbery attack.

In Latin America, and especially in Brazil, popular with tourists, a tourist can easily be robbed even in broad daylight. During rest, for example, in Rio, it should be remembered that it is enough to walk several tens of meters – and from a prestigious street you can get into a slum, where a tourist instantly becomes a victim of a robbery, and sometimes something worse.


Despite the fact that the main task of law enforcement agencies is – this protection of everyone, including tourists, in a number of countries it is people in uniform that should be feared more than common thieves.

In Malaysia, Thailand and   India   many police officers practice arrest on unfair charges. The salaries of police officers in such countries rarely exceed $ 200, and they try to earn as much as they can.

Basically, the police work according to this scheme – the tourist is arrested at the airport, finding drugs in his luggage, which they themselves just planted there. For the `` silence '' they demand about $ 200, which it is better to give them – otherwise there is a chance to spend the rest of your days in prison – no foreigner has been acquitted in Thailand in the last twenty years.


Mexico City Police

But in European countries, a fraudulent scheme at the 'police' of a completely different kind. In the same Czech Republic, cheerful people in police uniforms can approach the gape of tourists and start demanding the payment of a fine in a stern voice. The reasons for such fines may be different, but the first thing to do is - this requires the presentation of a certificate. If a person in uniform refuses – you can safely call for help.

Police officers of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are known throughout the world for their rudeness towards tourists. They can react especially nervously to aimed camera lenses. Even accidental shots taken by guests can cause detention, confiscation of the camera, or even – a broken shutter with threats of physical violence.

Countries like Iran have so-called `` morality police '' on the streets of large cities. These are the most ordinary police officers who enforce the dress code in accordance with Muslim law. They can fine women for too short skirts or the absence of a headscarf on their heads, men – for shorts and unbuttoned shirts.

The danger for tourists is that fines in such countries may not have fixed rates. For foreigners, the – they can even be transcendental. You can avoid problems – you just need to follow the elementary rules of conduct and laws of the country where you prefer to spend your vacation.

Important: Any conflict situation with the police in another state should be resolved as quickly and as politely as possible – without mutual insults. The first thing you should do is – is to call the embassy of your country and describe in detail the situation: where, when and for what reason they are trying to detain or prosecute you.


In addition to the unconditional human factor, do not forget about the natural factor – wild animals in any climatic zone can bring a lot of trouble to tourists.

When visiting the national parks of Thailand, do not forget about the most famous inhabitants – monkeys. In the minds of the layman, these cute little animals are harmless, but in reality everything is not at all like that.

Before going into the jungle, all tourists are warned that jewelry, appliances and valuables remain in the hotel's storage room. Primates often rob tourists, or simply snatch things from their hands.

In special cases, tourist groups may be accompanied by specially trained people. Monkeys often behave aggressively, periodically attacking especially curious tourists.


Forbidden entertainments

If drugs planted by corrupt police officers – this is an exception to the rule, then tourists who consciously go in search of thrills in a foreign country – a sad routine that concerns Russians as well.

You can legally buy marijuana or any kind of soft drug only in a few countries, and almost all of them are in Europe. In other cases, no matter how they try to lure the guest with various `` smoking mixtures '', this is a direct violation of the law. And, if in the West the case can be limited to a large fine, then in the eastern region – this is a serious crime, with punishment up to the death penalty.


And, of course, it is worth talking about alcohol, because it is he who is the cause of most of the troubles when -or what happened to Russian tourists. Moderate drinking will help you avoid many troubles, including with the law.

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