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Things to do in Vietnam

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Vietnam – once friendly to the Soviet Union, and now to modern Russia, an Asian state. Rest here has long been considered an alternative to Thailand – both at low prices for absolutely everything, and for a huge number of vacation options. The list of things to do in Vietnam for all guests is well established, but every tourist has the right to supplement it.

Explore Halong Bay

Cruise along the vast waters of Halong Bay – perhaps the most popular destination among tourists arriving in Vietnam. The picturesque bay is advertised by many tour operators, but even the most detailed announcement does not convey all the beauty of this place. You can explore the views and the islands of the bay themselves, or as part of a romantic getaway on a luxury yacht. Here you can see admirers of extreme types of recreation all year round, as well as ecotourists. The floating village located in the bay is in special demand.

Halong Bay

Try national cuisine

First of all, speaking about the national dishes of Vietnam, many people mention soups. Pho soup and Rno soup – it is a must-have menu item in almost every restaurant, but guests are encouraged to rate them in small street cafes. There is no need to be afraid for the quality and safety of street food in Vietnam – all establishments undergo state control, and it has become one of the traditions here to have lunch or dinner in such eateries. For similar dishes in hotel restaurants, they will charge several times more money.

Risk to eat a dog

Another tradition of Vietnamese cuisine that shocks European tourists – Dogs are prepared here, as in Korea, in a variety of ways. Dog meat is considered a delicacy in Vietnam, it is prepared by special order and not in every restaurant, but there is a demand for this dish, despite the high cost by the country's standards. Many tourists hesitate to eat man's best friend and even try to condemn the Vietnamese, but it is not recommended to do so – foreign cultural traditions should be respected.

Visit Hoi An and Hue

These two cities, located on the east coast of Vietnam, are in demand among tourists who prefer sightseeing routes through historical cities, rather than beach activities. Both cities have preserved their historical appearance as much as possible, despite the upheavals of the 20th century. In Hue, there is a complex of structures included in the UNESKO World Heritage List – this is the Imperial Citadel, several mausoleums and museum centers. Hoi An is famous for hundreds of sights of the Chinese period, as well as for its ateliers, where tourists custom-made national costumes.


Hoi An City

Rent a scooter or bike

Tourists do not always take this advice seriously, although there are reasons for it. The level of traffic density in Vietnam is such that even in a small town you can stand in a traffic jam for several hours, waiting for the exit from the central avenue. You can escape from this on a bicycle or a small scooter – alternative to transport for those traveling in a small group and light. There are rental bicycles and scooters in Vietnam in every city.

Drive to the city of Shapa

Shapa, or Sapa, as it is called in different sources – it is a small resort town in the mountainous regions of northwestern Vietnam. It differs not only in its deep continental location, in contrast to the port cities of the country, but also in a unique cultural setting. Hmong live here – the largest national minority in Vietnam. This nation has its own culture and religion, which differs sharply from many Asian traditions. Various Shapa festivals attract not only foreign tourists, but also Vietnamese.

Sapa City

Refresh with Vietnamese coffee

Coffee in the Vietnamese mind should be cold, ideally – icy. For residents of a hot tropical country, drinking a hot drink is completely unusual, therefore, after brewing, coffee is kept in refrigerators here. The Vietnamese version of the invigorating drink is served in a variety of versions. Most often, in a cafe, tourists will be offered coffee with ice and condensed milk – this exotic recipe is wildly popular among the guests of Vietnam.

Buy a conical hat

A cone-shaped hat – it is not just a national headdress in Vietnam, it is one of the symbols of the culture of the South Asian regions. There are several varieties of such hats, but the most famous and purchased ones are – this is nonla and nonbaitho. The first type of hats can be bought in any locality in Vietnam. The maximum price rarely exceeds $ 5, depending on workmanship and durability. The second type of hats can only be bought in Hue, they are much more expensive, but also look much brighter – these hats are often decorated with calligraphic drawings and quotes from poetry.

Nonla Hat

Rafting down the Mekong River

This kind of entertainment is only gaining popularity in Vietnam. Rafting on the delta of a tropical river – an extreme activity in itself, so it is best to hire an experienced boatman who will guide you along the safest routes. Often, if the rafting is organized for a group of tourists, during the stops, the floating villages of Vietnam and numerous artisanal markets are visited.

Rent a hotel room"; REX & raquo;

The famous Saigon hotel became famous thanks to the rather sad fact – it was here that the press center of the American army was located. The atmosphere of propaganda has been preserved here to this day – the hotel rooms are kept in their original appearance, and the lobby is decorated with American posters and photographs of celebrities who arrived during military conflicts.


Hotel « REX & raquo;

Take a guerrilla fighter course

In Kuchi, in the suburban area of Saigon, a unique training base for Vietnamese partisans who fought with the American army has been preserved. To preserve the historical accuracy, the system of underground shelters and tunnels, through which the resistance fighters went to the front lines, was completely restored. The local shooting range invites guests to shoot live ammunition from real weapons, including Soviet AK-47s.

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