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Climber's equipment. Tips for beginners

If you decide to go rock climbing – then in addition to a certain physical training, you will also have theoretical training in inventory. Everything is explained simply – climbing equipment – these are several dozen elements, which you will not be able to remember right away.

Nevertheless, among the many attributes of this dangerous type of extreme recreation, there are the most important elements. Let's take a look at those that any beginner climber should know about.

Basic essential equipment

Basic equipment required


Everything is simple here – the climber should dress as loosely as possible, and according to the weather. The clothes should not have any interfering elements. The ideal climbing style – T-shirt and sweatpants or shorts.


But shoes for the first climbing experience can be a problem. There is a special type of sneakers – shoes – all professional climbers climb in them. The shoes themselves, as expected, have several varieties.

Novice climbers, as a rule, choose soft-soled shoes. They allow you to learn the correct positioning of your feet on the ledges with minimal fatigue and injury. Professionals buy hard shoes – it is with her that extreme ascents and high-speed obstacles are possible.


Climbing shoes



Climbing harness – it is the basis of any athlete's outfit. It is to the harness that a safety rope is attached, it is on the harness that the most necessary little things in the climber's inventory are located. All these little things are attached to shelves – special slings placed horizontally. On high-quality straps of such shelves there should be at least 3.


For any climber rope – it's like a life preserver for a drowning man. Today, sports equipment stores sell the so-called dynamic ropes – so they should be taken for ascents of any degree of difficulty. They differ in braiding, thickness, high cost, but the main factor really important for a climber is – it's weight. The best ropes are strong and at the same time as light as possible.

 Dynamic rope structure

Dynamic rope structure

Good equipment – saved life

Although the statistics of accidents in rock climbing are not as sad as in professional mountaineering, athletes are constantly injured every year and, sadly, die. According to the Russian Mountaineering Federation, up to 46% of deaths in climbers are associated with broken ropes and broken bolts.

For many, this may sound too obvious, but it is the quality of the rope that largely determines survival of climbers during a fall.

In addition to problems with the quality of new ropes, the question of equipment wear and tear often arises. The rope can burst from time to time, or from improper use. Therefore, many officials and famous climbers recommend always consulting with professionals before climbing on your own.

And, of course, do not forget that the greatest load on the rope is not at the time of ascent, but at the time of descent. It is on the descent that most drops occur, so the rope should be well checked before climbing.

Climbing guy

Climbing guy


Guys – the most important piece of equipment for a climber after the rope itself. One quickdraw looks like two carabiners, fastened together with a strong nylon sling. Guys are needed to create safety points – one end is attached to a bolt on the rock, and a rope is threaded through the other. Each climber on the harness must have at least 15 guys.

Important: Climbing and climbing guys differ in the length of the lines – climbers have more. It is not advisable to buy guards with long slings for climbing to a small height.


In climbing loops – this is the second most versatile attribute after carbines. A standard loop is needed to form a safety station – places, to which the main load will come in the event of a fall. The length of a standard loop – 120 cm. You need to have them with you from ten to infinity – this is the thing you always need.

Standard Climbing Loop

Standard Climbing Loop


Carabiner – the most famous attribute of a climber. Only if primitive carabiners are used for braces, then for more serious safety elements you need to have a special carabiner with a screwed sleeve with you. You need at least 10 of these, although it all depends on the difficulty and style of the descent. Some climbers get by with two or three carabiners.


Magnesia – a thing that is necessary not only for weightlifters, but also for rock climbers. A bag with it should be on the harness of every extreme. Fact – Magnesia actually improves grip on the stone and prevents fatal slipping.

Carabiner with screw sleeve

Carabiner with screw sleeve

How can a climber train at home?  

Climbing gym membership – pleasure is not cheap, both experienced athletes and beginners know this. Nevertheless, experienced tourists recommend using the home version of such a training base. A fingerboard – was created especially for them. a simulator that develops finger strength – it is this factor that determines the climber's success.

You can fix the simulator to the wall even in the cramped apartment – it takes up very little space. The only condition is – you need to screw it to the ceiling so that you can freely hang on your hands.

Such simulators allow you to work not only on the strength of your fingers, but also on a variety of techniques – full grip, half grip and open hand. The success and speed of ascent largely depends on mastering each of these styles,

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