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Internet cafe in Pattaya

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You can find Internet access in an Internet cafe

If you go on a trip to Pattaya, but are used to always keep in touch with your friends via the Internet, follow the news and generally have free access to the Internet from anywhere, then you can be calm: you are unlikely to have any problems here - you can go online from anywhere.

If you are satisfied with variable Internet access, you can use the computer rooms, which are usually found in any hotel, or in one of the Internet cafes scattered throughout the streets of Pattaya. Wherever you are: in the center of Pattaya or closer to Jomtien - you will always have glass windows with INTERNET signs looming. Prices are quite reasonable, on average 1 minute - 1 baht.

If you need Internet access every minute, then you will not get off with Internet cafes. It is much more practical to use a GPRS connection via a SIM card of local operators. Often, the speed of such a connection exceeds Wifi and works more stable, even video communication in Skype works without interference. You can buy a local SIM card either at the airport or at any shopping center. You need to ask for a tourist SIM card, they are just focused on the needs of tourists. There are several tariffs, from 3 hours to unlimited, they have different costs: from 30 to 999 baht, and at the same time they are activated by SMS. Any flash drive of our Russian operators can be used as a modem,

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Topic: Internet cafe in Pattaya.Internet cafe in Pattaya

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