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Where to relax in winter? Asia

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Contents :

  • Beach Holidays in Asia

  • Excursion holidays in Asia

  • Holidays with children in Asia

  • Frequently asked questions about winter vacations in Asia

  • Pros and cons of winter vacations in Asia

Winter – the height of not only the ski season for the northern hemisphere, but also a hot season for countries located in the hot tropics. And it so happened that Russian tourists for the most part prefer the East Asian region of the tropics, this entire territory is relatively closer to us than the New World, and a rather large number of people want to relax at sea every year.

We offer to get acquainted with key destinations trips to know now where to relax in winter in Asia.

Beach holidays in Asia


The official 'capital'; of all Asian destinations of tours from Russia has been keeping the brand for many years, in spite of any crises. Thailand still attracts our tourists with the warm sea, gentle and sometimes hot sun, which heats the air up to +32 оС in the middle of winter.

 Thailand (Phuket)

Thailand (Phuket)

Of the popular resorts, Phuket and Pattaya are fighting for the first place year after year, where you can fly from November to April, while the `` luxury '' islands of Koh Samui and Krabi have a shorter season – here the peak of the beach holiday falls on December-January, and in February there is already a risk of falling under strong equatorial monsoons.

The average cost of a weekly trip to Thailand in winter 2017 will start at 31,000 rubles.


For most of Vietnam winter – It is also a high season, when tourists rent the most expensive housing, just to get closer to the tropical paradise of Indochina. However, even luxury hotels here are much cheaper than some of their Asian neighbors.



Formally, the leaders of the beach holiday in Vietnam are two resorts – Nha Trang and Mui Ne. The second recreation center is considered to be a youth resort for surfers and other extreme lovers. In fact, Muine – this is just an area of the larger city Phan Thiet.

The price for the pleasure of sunbathing under the Vietnamese sun starts from 27,500 rubles.

India (Goa)

Tours to Goa in December have long become a tradition for some Russian tourists. Celebrating the New Year on an exotic beach accompanied by the rhythms of recognizable Indian melodies carries a certain charm. But not only this is famous for the most visited Indian state by foreign guests.

Forbidden City and the relatively modern Tiananmen Square.

Tiananmen Square (Beijing)
Tiananmen Square (Beijing)

From other directions in the study of historical landmarks of China, you can choose a trip to the legendary Terracotta Army or walk along the bends of the Great Wall of China. Or you can go to Hong Kong and see a completely different life in China, from right-hand traffic to business districts in the style of New York and Chicago.

The starting price of a tour to China in winter will be 20,000 rubles.


Considered a year-round resort, Indonesia is especially popular among our tourists in winter, because from December to February it rains here only at night, and during the day the air warms up to an optimal temperature of + 26 ° C in the shade.



And it is the winter months that can be considered an ideal time to visit hundreds of Buddhist shrines in Bali, see the golden-domed mosques of Jakarta and the national parks of Kalimantan. All this – only a small part of what the island state rich in attractions can offer the guest.

The minimum cost of a tour to Indonesia with a departure from Moscow will be 43,500 rubles.


Those tourists who have funds and want more exotic than the standard route in Asia can be advised to go to Japan in winter. It's still a long way from cherry blossom season, but the snowy streets of Tokyo overcrowded and unique atmosphere are worth the effort and money spent.

Snowy streets of Tokyo

Snow-covered streets of Tokyo

The classic route of a sightseeing trip in Japan includes arrival in the capital, then by bus or train to Kyoto, from there to the ancient city of Nara , and from there to the foot of Fujiyama. The program is designed for 7 days and 6 nights, and during this time tourists will be told as much as possible about the history of the Japanese state and its modern realities.

Such a trip to Japan will cost from 150,000 rubles.

Holidays with children in Asia

Quite a controversial issue Whether to go to the Asian region with a child or not, there is still no clear answer. But despite this, many countries offer tremendous opportunities to make family vacations interesting even for the youngest tourists.

When it comes to amusement parks and other entertainment areas, it is best to go to Shanghai . This Chinese metropolis has absorbed the charm of the east and the high technologies of the west, which gave a unique flavor of the city, where every parent can find entertainment for their child.

 Attractions in Shanghai

Attractions in Shanghai

More expensive option – Singapore. A state with an area smaller than a sleeping area of Moscow – this is the embodiment of the Asian dream, inside which and children will have a place. Here, in addition to amusement parks and water parks, there are interactive museums and centers of applied science, designed just for the youngest guests.

 Singapore Zoo

Is it true that in Thailand you can get a fine for too revealing clothes outside the beach?

Yes it is. Thailand – a country of rather strict morals, despite the developed sphere of tourism and communication with the rest of the world. When leaving the beach, you should always have clothes that cover your legs to the knees and arms to the elbows.

We want to fly to Vietnam in August. Is it dangerous and will there be sunny days?

Depends on the selected region. North Vietnam will almost say goodbye to the rainy season by August, and showers, although they will go, are rare. But South Vietnam can present a lot of troubles precisely against the background of constant cloudy weather and strong winds. Typhoons, which tourists are so afraid of, most often happen closer to October.

Where are the cleanest beaches in Goa?

Today it can be objectively said that the beaches of South Goa are much cleaner than its northern neighbor. If you want not only cleanliness, but also modern equipment – choose paid beaches at hotels.

What is the attitude towards Russians in Japan, is there any tension in communication?

The Japanese generally have a cautious attitude towards any foreigner, and then, what some tourists seem to be stressing – just a trait of a national character. On the other hand, most Japanese have a very friendly attitude towards Russian tourists, but only within the framework of the hospitality allowed in this country.

Pros and cons of resting in Asia in winter

No popularity of tours to Asia has so far been able to stop the flow of conflicting opinions about the quality of rest, the attitude of local residents towards visitors and other aspects of travel to the region. Among the many opinions, there are both positive and negative reviews.

The most popular advantages of rest in Asia, indicated by tourists, are:

  • Extremely low prices for accommodation and food;

  • Unique culture and customs;

  • Great opportunities for outdoor activities;

  • A huge number of attractions;

  • On average – the relative safety of tourists is higher, than in Europe;

  • Variety of recreation for children.

But not without cons, which for the Asian region are reduced , mainly, to everyday or socio-cultural characteristics:

  • In some regions there are acute problems with communication, both the Internet and the telephone;

  • Long flights and the need to move between islands;

  • Some countries have orthodox Islam – the dominant religion;

  • The sea is not perfectly clean everywhere.

As you can see from this list, even on the minuses of the region, some tourists may not pay close attention

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Topic: Where to relax in winter? Asia.Where to relax in winter? Asia

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