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The main attractions of the Czech Republic

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Czech Republic – an interesting country with its long history, which is reflected in its many castles and historical monuments. Although the country occupies a small area, there is something to see in it. The Czech Republic is among the top ten countries most visited by tourists.


Naturally, the capital of the Czech Republic impresses first of all - – Prague. There are many sights in the capital, which, of course, cannot be fully explored. You can start your inspection by visiting   Prague Castle and the Old Town, walk along the fortress walls, admiring the famous Prague bridges. Once upon a time Prague consisted of separate cities, which had their own status and system of government. They were united and now they are the main attractions of the capital.

Hradcany is home to the largest castle and a huge presidential residence – Prague Castle. It has its own center – St. Vitus Cathedral. The spiers of the cathedral can be seen from everywhere. The building was built in the neo-gothic style in 1344. Its height is 96.5 meters. There are many majestic statues in the cathedral. The walls are decorated with huge stained glass windows. The golden gates, through which the Czech rulers passed for their coronation, are impressive.

St. Vitus Cathedral

The Old Town has its own sights – the famous Charles Bridge and the Powder Gate, Old Town Square, on which there is a monument to Jan Hus, the famous City Hall building with unique chimes. They were built in 1410 and are considered the oldest in Western Europe. In the Old Town, you can wander around the Jewish Quarter and see the remains of the Prague ghetto. In the districts of Mala Strana and Novy Gorod, there are also many historical monuments worthy of attention.

The sights of the Czech Republic are its cities: Kutna Hora, famous for its silver, small Cesky Krumlov, reminiscent of the Middle Ages, Cheb, built in German style, located on the border with Germany, Melnik, where the Laba and Vltava rivers merge, the capital of western Bohemia.

The name of the city of Kutna Hora is little known, but its famous church is Kosnice, whose interior is made of human bones. This attraction leaves an impression for a long time. The town had previously mined silver, and it was actually the financial capital of the Czech Republic. The local authorities, taking advantage of the fact that the city has retained its grandeur and the architectural appearance of the Middle Ages, annually organizes a Medieval show. It is held in summer, gathering thousands of fans of knightly tournaments. It hosts open-air competitions, theatrical performances, and events typical of the Middle Ages.

In the city of Brno, there is the famous Cathedral of Peter and Paul. It was built in the Gothic style on the site of the original temple, then, thanks to numerous reconstructions, there was a transition to the Neo-Gothic. The cathedral is also interesting because its noon clock strikes at 11 o'clock, reminding of the events, occurred in 1645. According to legend, the local bell ringer rang not at noon, but an hour earlier than he saved the city from the Swedes. In honor of the liberation from the Swedes in August, there is an annual holiday with performances and scenes of fighting.  

There are a lot of castles in the Czech Republic that are worth seeing. Rozmberk nad Vltavou, the foundation of which goes into the Sumava Mountains, Orlik Castle, built on a small rock in the middle of the lake, Karlstejn Castle on a limestone hill was built especially for Charles IV and was the residence of the king. Also noteworthy are castles such as Hluboka Castle, Zvikov Castle, called the `` King of Czech Castles '', Cervena Lhota Castle, which served as a set for more than 30 historical films and fairy tales, Sychrov, representing a romantic miracle of wooden architecture, castle in the center of Ceske Budejovice, which is called Bohemian Florence.

Bohemian Paradise

Castles are also located in the famous Bohemian Paradise National Park, which is protected by UNESCO. Here you can see the Humprecht Castle and the Kost Fortress, which are masterpieces of architecture.

As it is impossible to imagine the Czech Republic without its castles, you cannot ignore its beer. The beer capital of the Czech Republic is the city of Pilsen, which gave the name to the world famous beer. The city dreamed of achieving Bavarian fame and invited German brewers, as a result a product was created that became a worthy competitor to German beer. The plant was founded in the 13th century, and at 19 took first place in the production of beer in the country. The city has a brewing museum, the exhibits of which tell about the history of the creation and development of local brewing. The achievements of brewing can be appreciated by visiting the Pilsen Prazdroj brewery. There is also an opportunity to taste the world famous drink. There is also a factory in the city where Skoda cars are produced.  

The Czech Republic is famous not only for beer, in the town of Pardubice gingerbread, unique in taste and appearance, is produced. The history of gingerbread production dates back to the 19th century. Various spices and exotic ingredients are added to the dough, these recipes are still kept secret. Gingerbread cookies have become the hallmark of Pardubice, they can be made by houses, churches, town halls, gnomes, animals and birds, etc. In Pardubice, not only gingerbread is beautiful, but also Renaissance mansions that depict biblical scenes. The most famous of these is the Yongashe building.   In the center of the city is the Green Gate tower. and the Church of St. Bartholomew.

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Topic: The main attractions of the Czech Republic.The main attractions of the Czech Republic

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