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Underwater hotel in the Maldives

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Underwater hotel room

One of The Maldives' calling card is the underwater hotel. Mention of it causes genuine interest in any person. Not surprising, the prospect of spending a romantic evening with a loved one at the bottom of the ocean under blue water column surrounded by marine life - what could be more romantic.

Such We owe this opportunity to the American world famous hotel chain Hilton, which discovered this miracle. It should be noted that in addition to the hotel, this the room also serves as a restaurant. Its area is approximately 45 square meters meters.

Magic a fairy tale in a paradise of the world - an underwater hotel in the Maldives. Only one the mention of this place will cause a storm of emotions in every person in which he lives romantic.

Of course, a 45 square meters can hardly be called a hotel, especially since this place turns into a hotel only as needed. Basically, this underwater miracle serves as restaurant.

Underwater hotel restaurant.

In the form of the restaurant, this room has seven tables for two persons each. The depth at which meals are to be taken is eight meters. Outside the windows the richness of the coral reef and marine life can be observed. Roof also transparent, spherical. Visitors are constantly passing by huge stingrays, colorful exotic fish that are not at all embarrassed nearby people.

Underwater the hotel in the Maldives began operating in April 2005. For its construction it took just over a year - this is a very impressive result.

Limited the number of seats requires those wishing to visit the underwater restaurant-hotel advance booking at least two weeks in advance. Sometimes the term is significant more. Rest in this place is calculated, as it is not difficult to guess, for wealthy clients. There are no dishes cheaper than $ 150-250.

You can rent Ithaa (as this miracle is called) as a hotel for $ 2,000 per one night. The hotel does not suffer from a shortage of customers, despite the cost. The queue is built several months in advance.

Panorama from the"windows" of an underwater hotel

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Topic: Underwater hotel in the Maldives.Underwater hotel in the Maldives

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