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Piazza del Popolo description and photos - Italy: Todi

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Piazza del Popolo description and photos - Italy: Todi

Piazza del Popolo description and photos - Italy: Todi. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Piazza del Popolo.

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Piazza del Popolo is one of the main squares of the small medieval town of Todi in Umbria, stretching in front of the Cathedral and surrounded by a variety of historic houses. For example, here is the Palazzo del Capito del Popolo - an Italian Gothic palace built in the late 13th century. At the very beginning, it was called the Palazzo nuovo del Commune in order to distinguish it from the pre-existing structure. For some time after the completion of construction, it was used as a courthouse. The first floor housed the Hall of Justice (now it is the Council Hall), and the second was occupied by the offices of justice - today they house the collections of the City Museum.

The facade of the Palazzo consists of two levels with openable triple narrow windows with a pointed arched lintel and slightly smaller lancet windows. All windows of this building are real works of art. A large staircase leading inside was built in 1267. Attached to the first floor is a huge covered gallery, which once housed the residence of local archers, and today you can see here walled memorials of the 19th century. To the left of the entrance is the so-called Zala del Capano with fragments of 13th and 14th century frescoes on the walls and a magnificent 14th century Crucifixion. As mentioned above, today the Palazzo del Capitano, like the Palazzo del Popolo, houses the Todi Municipal Museum and the Art Gallery.

Both of these medieval palaces are connected by a beautiful staircase. At the same time, Palazzo del Popolo is one of the oldest city halls in Italy. It was erected in the years 1213-1228 in the Lombard-Gothic style. There is also a covered gallery on the ground floor, which can be accessed through round arches. The two upper floors are decorated with graceful windows and dovetail barbs, a characteristic gibelline decor. Next to the Palazzo there is a bell tower, built in 1330 and significantly rebuilt in 1523 - to which was added the opening hours of Tebaldo Persiani da Fabriano. Over the years, this palace was called Palazzo del Comune, Palazzo del Comune Vecchio and Palazzo del Podesta, since it has always been the residence of the Todi rulers. In the 17-18 centuries a theater was located here, and today the museum of engravings is open in the halls of the palace, an art gallery and Etruscan and Roman artifacts on display.

Another noteworthy Gothic palace in Piazza del Popolo is the Palazzo dei Priori, which also once served as the seat of the city council. A curious trapezoidal tower rises nearby. The square itself, by the way, is considered one of the most beautiful in Italy. Beautiful photos can be taken from the churchyard of the Cathedral - a wonderful view opens up from there. In summer, various concerts, shows and other performances are often held on the square. And not far from Piazza del Popolo, along Via Chufetti, there is I Giardinetti, a small city park that also offers a breathtaking view of another part of Todi and the rolling hills surrounding the city.

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Topic: Piazza del Popolo description and photos - Italy: Todi.Piazza del Popolo description and photos - Italy: Todi

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