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Drama theater ”Comedians” description and photos - Russia - St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg

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Drama theater "Comedians" description and photos - Russia - St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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The history of the St. Petersburg theater "Comedians" began in the late 80s. 20th century It was then that Mikhail Levshin gathered a small troupe of six people in the Youth Center of the Leninsky District of the city. Their first performance was the Italian Passion comedy, a classic of Italian drama. It consisted of three small plays performed by itinerant comedians. Young artists with their charm, spontaneity, cheerfulness and sparkling humor, and, most importantly, with their childish skill from the first performances, conquered the audience and won their love. Since that time, namely since December 25, 1989, a new drama theater "Comedians" has appeared in the Northern capital. The hallmark of the theater was the first play "Italian Passion" staged by them. And to this day, he continues to collect full houses. In 2009 the theater troupe "Comedians" celebrated its 20th anniversary. Since then, the theater's symbol and emblem is a small figurine of a wandering artist or, as he was also called, a comedian.

During the first years of its existence, the Tetra "Comedians" troupe, one might say, wandered around various venues in St. Petersburg and area. And in 1993 the theater received premises in the Pertsov House on Ligovsky Prospekt. Despite the fact that the auditorium of the theater is rather small and has only 100 seats, it gives the artists the opportunity to be closer to their audience, i.e. to those for whom the theater was created.

The intimacy of the "Comedians" theater brings to the fore the actor's individuality of each participant in the performance, all his experiences in the viewer, at a glance, here it is impossible to "overplay" or lie. Therefore, each production, regardless of whether it is a classic or a contemporary piece, it sounds especially heartfelt and sincere on stage.

Creative program of the theater under the direction of M.A. Levshina combines both the search for innovative solutions in staging means and mise-en-scenes, and the development of classical traditions and ideas of Russian theater, where all the expressive means of acting art accompany the main thing - acting reincarnation, the psychological development of each role, a living and real way of existence.

In the "Comedians" theater the viewer can find performances of various genres. This, and lyrical melodramas, and vaudeville, and comedies, and heroic dramas, and performance-romance.

The theater is in constant creative search, not afraid of experimental and new forms. In 2009. the premiere of the experimental performance "A Walk in Liu-Bleu", staged based on the play by K. Rubina, a young playwright, took place. The form of presenting the performance to the viewer is an open rehearsal. The idea of this form of production is to give the viewer the opportunity to participate in the creative process of working on the performance.

In addition, the theater works on performances and musical performances. In 2010, the premiere of a plastic drama based on the work of I.S. Turgenev `` Moo '', which is a series of plastic sketches. The director chose Russian folk songs performed by the theater artists as a background music.

The young audience is also not left without attention. Children's performances are held in the theater in the morning. And every autumn the theater actors take part in the charitable theater festival for orphans "Palaces of St. Petersburg for Children". The performance for children is specially selected in accordance with the interior of a palace or a mansion.

The Comedianti Theater tours across Russia and other countries of the world, its actors are laureates of Russian and international theater festivals. This year, the plastic drama MooMu participated in the 13th International Black Sea Theater Festival " in Turkey (Trabzon), where `` Comedians '' were recognized as the best theater of all the theaters presented in the competition, the performance was awarded the prize of the Crystal Trabzon Festival.

At various times, the performances of this theater were nominated and became laureates of the Golden Soffit, the highest theater award in St. Petersburg.

At present, the repertoire of the "Comedians" theater includes about 20 performances, which are staged based on the works of world and Russian drama. The theater is distinguished by a wide variety of genres of performances, aesthetic trends, and presents a repertoire for audiences of all ages. Thanks to the intimate nature of the theater, a warm and cozy atmosphere is created in it, in which the audience experience a special emotional creative impact and, as it were, emotionally participate in the events taking place on the stage. In some performances, the audience themselves become actors.

In the repertoire of the theater "Comedians" there are both classical works (A. Pushkin, I. Turgenev, A. Ostrovsky, N. Gogol, A.

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