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Amber Fort description and photos - India: Jaipur

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Amber Fort description and photos - India: Jaipur

Amber Fort description and photos - India: Jaipur. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. Title in English - Amber Fort.

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Amber Fortress, or Amber Fort, was built in the 16th century for Rajah Man Sigh I. But the construction was finally completed only after his death, by his successor Jai Sing I.

The fort is located on the top of a hill, at a distance of 11 km from the city of Jaipur, and is surrounded by a strong wall that stretches for many kilometers. The area around is hilly and covered with rather dense vegetation, which was an additional plus when defending.

This structure combines the strength and inaccessibility of a fortress with the subtlety and charm of a real architectural masterpiece, which clearly shows the influence of Muslim culture. Amber Fort is divided into 4 main parts, each with its own separate entrance and courtyard. The main entrance is located in the eastern part of the fortress, for which it received the name "Gate of the Sun". It was intended for the ruler himself and the nobility. The entrance leads to the courtyard, in which the Raja conducted a review of his personal guard. There was also a place for horses, the rooms of the bodyguards were on the floor above. From this courtyard you can get to the Sila Devi temple, in which sacrifices were made to the goddess Kali until 1980.

The second courtyard is a large hall with a double row of columns. It was intended for meetings at which people could make requests or statements to the rajah.

The third part of the fortress was set aside for the royal chambers, which can be accessed through the "Ganesha Gate". This place is the most abundant of all sorts of wonders that attract tourists. Here you can see the Hall of a Thousand Mirrors, "Magic flower" and many other attractions.

The fourth part entirely belonged to the women of the rajah, his wives and concubines.

You can get from Jaipur to the foot of the fortress by bus. Further, elephants are a very popular means of transportation, whose drivers will be happy to put their painted pets at your disposal for a certain price.

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Topic: Amber Fort description and photos - India: Jaipur.Amber Fort description and photos - India: Jaipur

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