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Dhamrai description and photos - Bangladesh: Dhaka

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Dhamrai description and photo - Bangladesh: Dhaka

Dhamrai description and photos - Bangladesh: Dhaka. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Dhamrai.

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The town of Dhamray is located 20 kilometers northwest of the capital. It is famous for the preserved buildings of Hindu temples, built in the 15-17th centuries, and workshops where souvenir figurines are produced in an ancient way.

The craft shop itself is housed in a large colonial-style building; the showroom has well-preserved floor paintings from the 17-19th century. You can go inside and see all the stages of making souvenirs in person. Craftsmen work according to the old technology of casting and smelting bronze on a wax blank.

The uniqueness of these products lies in the meticulous elaboration of the smallest details. At the first stage, a project is made from plastic wax, all fine lines, parts of the decoration, and facial features are cut out. The next step is clay application and drying, after - kiln firing and wax removal. Next, the future mini-sculpture or mask is cast from bronze, cooled, and the clay shell is removed. You can order a product inlaid with precious metals. After careful polishing, a real work of art will appear before buyers.

Tourists can choose and order goods from the catalog, and the exhibition and trade pavilion offers ready-made figurines of animals, people, cult figurines and whole compositions.

The city of Dhamrai itself is, in fact, a large a village with a population of about 22 thousand people. Tourists may be interested in the traditional annual Hindu holiday Ratha-yatra - a parade of chariots in honor of one of the incarnations of Krishna - Jagannath.

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