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Bangladesh National Museum description and photos - Bangladesh: Dhaka

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Bangladesh National Museum description and photos - Bangladesh: Dhaka

Bangladesh National Museum description and photos - Bangladesh: Dhaka. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Bangladesh National Museum.

Photo and Description

The National Museum of Bangladesh, officially opened on November 17, 1983, is one of the largest in South Asia. Its predecessor, the Dhaka Museum, was founded on August 7, 1913

The National Museum is dedicated to archeology, classical, decorative and contemporary art, history, natural history, ethnography and world civilization. The National Museum houses magnificent collections of artifacts dating from prehistoric times to the present. It is extremely rich in stone, metal and wood sculptures, gold, silver and copper coins, stone inscriptions and copper terracotta plates, as well as other artifacts of archaeological interest.

The museum houses one of the largest collections of weapons and armor in the Indian subcontinent. Collections of decorative and applied art are very interesting, in particular wood products, metal products and embroidered bedspreads. Its halls display exhibits on natural history and ethnography. Collections include footwear, boats (including those restored according to old models), ceramics, furniture, glass and ivory products, metal products, masonry items, wood products, gold and silver jewelry, musical instruments, textiles, costumes ... A wide range of folk art is represented by dolls, rugs, fishing accessories, cake models, hookahs and embroidered capes.

One of the four main departments - the department of contemporary art and civilization of the world was founded on December 27, 1975, it displays modern paintings, sculptures and tapestries by masters from Bangladesh, as well as exhibits from different countries. The museum is known for its collections of works by Zeynul Abedin Shilpacharya, Kvamrul Hasan, S. Mr. Sultan and works of other contemporary artists. Reproductions of the most famous paintings and original art objects from different countries of the world are kept here. There are seven galleries in this section - Chinese, Iranian, Korean and Swiss painting. In addition, the Department of Contemporary Art and World Civilization conducts lectures, seminars and symposia, organizes exhibitions, and publishes catalogs.

The Department of History and Classical Art displays artifacts of archaeological interest. These are stone wooden sculptures and architectural elements, images on brass, copper and bronze, jewelry, manuscripts, documents, miniatures, calligraphy, portraits, memorabilia of great and important persons, as well as objects related to the liberation struggle of Bangladesh. The earliest exhibit is a Paleolithic scraper made of fossilized wood.

The Natural History Gallery includes a Sundarbana diorama, rocks and minerals, fossilized wood specimens, corals, and fossil organisms. A separate exposition presents various types of rare mollusks, marine fish, tropical plants, flowers and fruits, medicinal herbs and spicy plants, reptiles, mammals, a giant whale skeleton, rare birds.

Visitors to the museum should take into account the specifics of the work of this institution in winter and summer, as well as during Ramadan.


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Topic: Bangladesh National Museum description and photos - Bangladesh: Dhaka.Bangladesh National Museum description and photos - Bangladesh: Dhaka

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