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Holocaust Museum description and photo - Ukraine: Kharkov

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Holocaust Museum description and photo - Ukraine: Kharkiv

Holocaust Museum description and photos - Ukraine: Kharkov. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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The Kharkiv Holocaust Museum was the first museum of this kind in Ukraine, opened in 1996. Today the museum organizes excursions for schoolchildren and students, individual and group. Over the years, the museum has significantly expanded its framework and expositions, new directions have appeared. In addition to employees, volunteers work in the museum on a permanent basis. A visit to the Holocaust Museum is included in the compulsory school curriculum while studying World War II. But not only schoolchildren, but also many guests and residents of our country come here to honor the memory of millions of people who died in the years of the terrible genocide.

The museum is non-state, which means that it was created on the initiative and on materials from volunteers. Thus, Larisa Fayevna Folovik played a huge role in the creation of the expositions. It was she who acted as the founders of the Kharkiv Regional Committee "Drogobytsky Yar", on the materials, archives and documents of which the museum was founded. The museum fund is constantly replenished - documents, photographs and their memories are brought here by former prisoners of the ghetto, as well as those who were called the Righteous of the World - people who saved Jews during the war.

On one of the walls of the museum there is an exhibition entitled "Memory will be preserved - people will be preserved". On this wall there are thousands of photographs of Jews killed during the genocide, brought here by their relatives, friends, neighbors ... The exposition evokes a painful feeling, because all these people were innocent, the only reason for which they were killed was their nationality.

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Topic: Holocaust Museum description and photo - Ukraine: Kharkov.Holocaust Museum description and photo - Ukraine: Kharkov

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