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Monument to V. I. Lenin description and photo - Russia - North-West: Murmansk

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Monument to V.I. Lenin description and photos - Russia - North-West: Murmansk

Monument to V.I. Lenin description and photo - Russia - North-West: Murmansk. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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The monument to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is located on the central highway of Murmansk - the eponymous avenue. It was built in 1957. It was at that time that the avenue named after Stalin was named Lenin Avenue.

The author of the project was the famous Soviet sculptor Nikolai Vasilyevich Tomsky (1900-1984). The architect L.V. Sizikov. Tomsky was the owner of the highest awards and titles in the field of artistic creativity, he was a people's artist, multiple laureate of high prizes, Hero of Socialist Labor, President of the Academy of Arts, and it was he, one of the few authors, who the government trusted to create the image of Lenin. The sculpture of Vladimir Ilyich had to meet a number of requirements: to give the impression of power, strength and greatness, represent the image of a thinker with colossal energy and will, and the monument was supposed to represent the appearance of "the most humane person." It was in the Murmansk sculpture that Tomsky managed to create a truly artistic work that corresponded to the given parameters.

The height of the sculpture is 6 meters, the pedestal is over 11 meters. Lenin is depicted in a traditional pose. His left hand, throwing back his open coat, firmly holds the lapel of his jacket, his right hand is down, a cap is clamped in it. The leader's gaze is directed forward. Restrained expression is felt in the whole figure.

The site was chosen very well for the installation of the monument. Back in the 30s of the last century, a house in the shape of the letter "P" was built, forming a small square that overlooks the central street of the city. It was here that it was decided to place the sculpture of the leader. Beforehand, a lot of work was done to improve the territory. The slope, which went to the avenue, was faced with thick slabs of Karelian granite of red-brown color, lawns were planned. The base of the monument, to which there are 5 steps, was decorated with the same polished stone. In general, the authors and performers of the project have fully achieved their goal: to create a majestic monumental image of the leader who leads his people to a bright future.

On November 3, 1957, the monument was unveiled, timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the October Revolution. Thousands of people attended the ceremony. Many held banners, flags and Leninist portraits. A guard of honor was on duty on a wide platform at the foot of the veiled monument. On that day, a rally was held, speakers spoke at the podium, and flowers were laid at the foot of the monument.

Once upon a time all sorts of official ceremonies were held here, they were initiated into pioneers and Komsomol members. The newlyweds certainly came here to leave flowers on the granite parapet and take a photo for memory. Perhaps, in the majority of middle-aged Murmansk families such photos have been preserved. In addition, a podium was erected in front of the monument, from which local authorities greeted the demonstrators dedicated to May 1 and November 7.

In the late 1950s, the lawn along the street has recently begun to be planted, and the plantings did not stop the leaders from observing the columns that passed by. But little by little the lilac bushes grew, creating some inconvenience to those who were supposed to be on the podium. It was proposed to remove the overgrown bushes, but this did not happen.

After 1991, no mandatory events are held near the monument. Several times a year "hard Iskra-ists" gather here. Usually, in a small park you can see young mothers walking with strollers and grandmothers with grandchildren. More recently, the site near the monument was chosen by young fans of boarding and roller skating. In summer, young people often gather here and sit down right at the foot of the monument.

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