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Alushta aquarium description and photo - Crimea: Alushta

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Alushta aquarium description and photos - Crimea: Alushta

Alushta aquarium description and photos - Crimea: Alushta. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

Alushta aquarium is located in a round beautiful building. This building is located in the center of Alushta, and is shaped like a flying saucer of aliens. Alushta Aquarium is an amazing sight of the city, stunning in its beauty for passers-by and tourists. Currently, it is one of the youngest and largest in the whole of Ukraine. It appeared in 2003. At that time, the first fish exhibition was opened here by specialists-ichthyologists headed by Viktor Zhilenko.

From the very beginning, only one hall worked, where fish from the areas of two seas: the Azov and the Black seas were exhibited. Exhibits were brought from everywhere to replenish the sea museum of the city of Alushta. The exhibits of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Indian Ocean, The Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, as well as the waters of the Azov and Black Seas. Such exhibitions can be found only in large aquariums. Throughout Ukraine, such an aquarium, distinguished by its uniqueness as the aquarium of the city of Alushta, cannot be found.

Alushta aquarium today is an underwater kingdom that has 250 species of all kinds of fish, and maybe more that live on our planet. The museum of the Alushta aquarium is home to not only fish, but also amphibians: three species of crocodiles, turtles - eight species and five different species of crabs.

The Alushta aquarium consists of four rooms filled with aquatic inhabitants, and a museum where there is an exhibition of beautiful corals and unique shells.

When you enter, the doors to a beautiful fairy tale, which has its own characters and plot, open before you. Entering the first hall, we find ourselves in the Crimean cave, in the center of which there is a fairly large reservoir. Here we enjoy the beauty of fish that live in the Black and Azov seas. The second and third halls were filled with freshwater fish that were brought from all over the aquatic world. Here you can meet the bloodthirsty piranha of Natterer and a very large fish that is found in freshwater waters - Arapaimu Gigas, whose length reaches 9 meters or more, and you will also see freshwater moray eels. Many species of fish of the Alushta aquarium are now included in the Red Book. If you are not from a timid dozen, then be sure to look at the real bloodthirsty crocodiles. Among them, the most aggressive is the Cuban crocodile. The kindest turtles are also present here, the life expectancy of some of them reaches almost 250 years.

The fourth room houses the fish of the Indian and Pacific Ocean, as well as the fish of the Red Sea. They amaze the audience with their surprisingly variegated colors. In this room you can enjoy the graceful movements of a dangerous lionfish or admire the sticky fish, which has a sucker on its head, thanks to which it travels everywhere with sharks and sea turtles. Many more interesting things await you in the Alushta aquarium, where everyone will find something interesting for themselves.

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Topic: Alushta aquarium description and photo - Crimea: Alushta.Alushta aquarium description and photo - Crimea: Alushta

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