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Dinopark description and photo - Crimea: Evpatoria

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Dinopark description and photo - Crimea: Evpatoria

Dinopark description and photo - Crimea: Evpatoria. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

If you are lucky enough to visit Evpatoria, you simply cannot afford not to visit this real miracle park! Six countries supplied their equipment with the latest technology to Dinopark. Dinosaur exposition, Jungle playground, various attractions, dance cafe, Mexican cafe, ice rink, fish restaurant and many other entertainments that will keep you and your children busy for the whole day.

Dinopark amazes a lot. The details, thought out to the smallest detail, will not leave indifferent either children or adults. The figures of dinosaurs look like living ones, and when they still start to move, you feel as if you were in a real fairy tale or in a movie (by the way, the dinosaurs were made by an American company that created monsters for Hollywood films).

The figures of dinosaurs are made in accordance with scientific descriptions, and together with laser illumination and surround sound, the dinosaur show is gaining immense popularity not only among children, but also among adult visitors to the Dinopark.

Children will also like all kinds of entertainment, attractions ... Each child will be able to exchange tickets (prize tickets) for a variety of souvenirs.

The Nautilus fish restaurant will not leave anyone indifferent, where you can taste a variety of seafood dishes. The restaurant is decorated in a nautical style: as if you are sitting in the cabin of a submarine. At the entrance, visitors are greeted by the wax figure of Captain Nemo. Here you can see beautiful tropical fish in the largest aquarium in Ukraine.

There is also the only skating rink on the Crimean peninsula on the Crimean peninsula with a natural ice cover, where discos are held in the evening and almost real “snow” falls. If you still cannot skate, an instructor will be happy to help you.

On the second floor of the Dinopark there is a huge virtual playground. Virtual attractions will not let you get bored, and you will forget about everything in the world for a while. There is also a bowling alley on the second floor. Unusual design of `` space bowling '', gaming excitement combined with sports load will bring you and your family unforgettable moments. Here you can also visit the "dance cafe", for the entrance to which you do not need to pay. Everyone can choose a melody for themselves according to their preference.

You can also visit the play town called "Jungle". Kids from 3 to 12 years old will be happy with a trampoline, a pool with colorful balls, labyrinths, slides and all kinds of climbing frames. Another good news - parents do not need to pay separately for visiting the "Jungle", because they have already paid for the entrance to the "Dinopark". And for children under 3 years old, admission to the park is generally free.

National Mexican cuisine will attract its customers to the Mexican cafe located in the gaming complex. You can arrange an unforgettable birthday for a child in Dinokafa!

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Topic: Dinopark description and photo - Crimea: Evpatoria.Dinopark description and photo - Crimea: Evpatoria

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