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Al Alam Palace description and photos - Oman: Muscat

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Al Alam Palace description and photos - Oman: Muscat. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Al Alam Palace.

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Al-Alam Palace, which means "Flag" in Arabic, was named so not only because it is one of the most representative buildings in the capital of Oman. Most likely, the Sultan's residence received such a name due to the fact that at the end of the 18th century a flagpole stood on this site, on which the British flag fluttered, and behind it was the building of the British government. Oman at that time was a transit center for the slave trade. It was believed that any slave who managed to touch the flagpole became a free man and could walk in all four directions.

Al-Alam Palace is located in the historic district of Muscat, between the two gloomy old Portuguese forts Mirani and Jelali, near the city's port. It is intended for holding official ceremonies and receiving foreign delegations. Sultan Qaboos ibn Said resides elsewhere.

The current building was built in the 1970s in an eclectic style, combining Arabic and Indian. Before him there was a mansion built by the grandfather of the current sultan. The entrance to the Al-Alam Palace from the side of the Gulf of Oman is decorated with four columns painted in blue and gold. The territory of the palace is surrounded by a forged lattice with the sultan's coat of arms. The palace is closed to the public. It is known that a small garden adjoins it. It is also rumored that there is a bowling alley in the basement of this building so that important guests can entertain themselves without leaving the palace grounds. A guest villa with a swimming pool and spa was built at the palace.

The square in front of Al Alam Palace is a popular meeting place. From here, excursions around the capital of Oman begin. Buses with tourists come here, which are given a few minutes to take pictures.

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Topic: Al Alam Palace description and photos - Oman: Muscat.Al Alam Palace description and photos - Oman: Muscat

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