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Villasimius description and photos - Italy: Cagliari (Sardinia)

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Villasimius description and photos - Italy: Cagliari (Sardinia island). Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Villasimius.

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Villasimius is a commune in the province of Cagliari on the island of Sardinia, located 35 km east of the city of Cagliari and famous for its beaches. Due to its strategically advantageous geographical position, the territory of Villasimius was inhabited by humans even in the prehistoric period, as evidenced by the Nuragi of the 19th-6th centuries BC, as well as the artifacts of the Phoenician-Carthaginian (7-2nd century BC). ) and the Roman era (3rd century BC - 6th century AD).

Since the 13th century, the city has been known as Carbonara. During the existence of the Sardinian Judicati (kingdoms), and then during the reign of the Aragonese dynasty and the rule of the Spaniards, the inhabitants of Villasimius suffered from constant raids by pirates, and the territory of the city gradually became empty. Only at the beginning of the 19th century the city, which was part of the Kingdom of Sardinia, was settled again, and in 1838 received the status of a commune.

Traditionally, Villasimius' economy was based on agriculture and sheep breeding, and since 1875 also on the extraction of granite. In the 1960s, tourism began to develop here, and today the city is a recognized resort. The most popular local beaches are Porto Sa Ruxi, Piskadeddus, Campus, Cala Caterina, Cala Burroni, Porto Junco, Timi Ama, Simius, Punta Molentis and Spiaggia del Riso.

In 1998, on the coast of Villasimius, 6 km from the city center, the Capo Carbonara Marine Reserve was created, which attracts tourists. It occupies the territory of the promontory of the same name, which forms the eastern end of the Gulf of Cagliari, as well as the islands of Cavoli and Serpentara. The cape has 3, 5 km long and maximum 1.8 km wide. The main attractions here are the ruins of the fortress in the western part of the promontory, the beaches of Is Traias and Porto Junco, as well as Stagno di Nottorni with a colony of pink flamingos. There is a capo Carbonara and a lighthouse.

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Topic: Villasimius description and photos - Italy: Cagliari (Sardinia).Villasimius description and photos - Italy: Cagliari (Sardinia)

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