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The annunciation cathedral description and photos - Lithuania: Kaunas

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The annunciation cathedral) description and photos - Lithuania: Kaunas

The annunciation cathedral description and photos - Lithuania: Kaunas. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is The annunciation cathedral.

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The Orthodox Annunciation Cathedral is located in the central part of Kaunas, not far from the railway station. Maples and birches, poplars and lindens surround the cathedral territory and slowly move into the park area. The park, which houses the Cathedral of the Annunciation and nearby - the Resurrection Church, used to be a necropolis, where many Christians found a resting place for themselves.

The temple was built in 1932. After 3 years, it was consecrated. The cathedral, which arose next to the Resurrection Church, was built for some reason. The Church of the Resurrection with a bell tower was built in 1862 on the former Carmelite cemetery with donations from parishioners. At first the parish was small, but after a while the number of believers increased so much that they could hardly fit within the walls of the temple. At the beginning of the 20th century, a parish school, a Russian elementary school and a gymnasium, a brotherhood and sisterhood existed at the church.

In 1918, after Lithuania gained independence, more than a dozen Orthodox churches in Kaunas were given to new owners. The Resurrection Church still could not accommodate everyone. Therefore, the Diocesan Council made a decision to ask the government to return the Orthodox Church of Peter and Paul, located in Laisves Allee. The small side-altar of this cathedral was in the power of the Uniates, Catholic services were performed in the large altar. This cathedral was once garrisoned. The city authorities did not return the cathedral, but suggested building a church next to the Resurrection Church, for the construction of which they had allocated funds, and upon completion of the construction work, the iconostasis of the main altar of the cathedral was completely returned.

In 1932, the construction of a new church began. The allocated funds were not enough for the construction of a new church, so Orthodox people donated funds as far as they could, and some of the parishioners directly participated in the construction of the cathedral.

Mitred Archpriest Eustathius of Kalissky, who selflessly worked here until 1941, was entrusted with nourishing the flock of the new Cathedral of the Annunciation. Archpriest Vasily Nedvetsky was the second priest.

In 1923, during the occupation of the Vilnius region by Poland, Metropolitan Eleutherius (Epiphany) was offered to head a part of the Vilnius and Lithuanian diocese, located within the independent Lithuania. The bishop's see was transferred by the Vladyka from Vilnius to Kaunas. Here he settled in a church house. Only in 1939 Vladyka Eleutherius moved back to the Holy Spirit Monastery. It was he who took care of the construction of the church and took care of the improvement of the church life of the parish. The fine choir aroused great interest in Eleutherius. He came and participated in choral singing, because he loved chants and had a good voice. In 1940, Metropolitan Sergius was sent to the place of Vladyka, who also showed great concern for the Annunciation Church.

In 1962, by decision of the state authorities, the Resurrection Church was closed, and only one Annunciation Cathedral remained in Kaunas.

The Annunciation Cathedral was erected in the Vladimir-Suzdal style, with five domes topped with gilded crosses. The building was built of gray bricks. The western facade of the building is decorated with a pillared porch and three entrances to the temple. The inner vaults of the cathedral are supported by four columns. In the altar part there are two thrones: the main altar, consecrated in honor of the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos, and the right side altar, consecrated in honor of the Holy Martyrs of Vilnius Anthony, John and Eustathius.

The revered shrine of the cathedral is the miraculous icon of the Surdega Mother of God. Not only Orthodox Christians from Lithuania turn to her with prayers, but also believers who come from abroad. Few know that the church has an icon with the relics of St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk.

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