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Monument For Two Hares description and photo - Ukraine: Kiev

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Monument "Chasing Two Hares" description and photo - Ukraine: Kiev. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

Monument "Chasing Two Hares" is one of a whole galaxy of Kiev monuments dedicated to famous movie characters. The sculptural composition captured the popular heroes of the comedy of the same name "Chasing Two Hares" at the time of the matchmaking of the adventurer Svirid Golokhvastov to the naive and close-minded Prona Prokopovna.

The monument was designed by sculptors Vladimir Shchur and Vitaliy Sivko, who thus paid a kind of tribute to the memory of both the talent of the play's author Mikhail Staritsky and those people who were able to make a masterpiece of it, unfortunately, appreciated much later. creation. The monument was erected in 1999 on the famous Andreevsky Spusk, just near the Andreevskaya Church, where the final scene of the film took place. The composition was so successful that it was able to harmoniously fit into the old street. Even the legendary actress Margarita Krynitsina, who played the role of Prony Prokopovna, was present at the opening of the monument. Thus, the creators of the monument “Chasing Two Hares” were able to combine the film with reality, because everyone who watched the comedy immediately recognizes Margarita Krynitsina herself and Oleg Borisov, who skillfully embodied the image of Svirid Golokhvastov, in the heroes of the composition. The emotionally emotional actress even delighted the audience with her legendary heroine's speech in surzhik, giving the ceremony the same atmosphere of fun as the film itself.

Today, the monument "Chasing Two Hares" is rightfully considered an integral attribute of Andriyivsky Descent, often called "Kiev Montmartre". It has already become a tradition among passers-by to take pictures holding the hands of a sculptural couple, and the monument is especially popular among newlyweds who come here on weekends with endless wedding processions.

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Topic: Monument For Two Hares description and photo - Ukraine: Kiev.Monument For Two Hares description and photo - Ukraine: Kiev

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