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Edinburgh Vaults description and photos - Great Britain: Edinburgh

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Edinburgh Vaults description and photos - UK: Edinburgh

Edinburgh Vaults description and photos - Great Britain: Edinburgh. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Edinburgh Vaults.

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Edinburgh cellars (basements of the South Bridge) - a complex of rooms located under the arches of the South Bridge.

Initially, the whole of Edinburgh was located on Castle Hill, around the castle, but the population of the city grew, and at the end of the 18th century, two bridges, North and South, were built, connecting the hill with other parts of the city. The South Bridge has become more than just a passage connecting the central and southern parts of the city. This was the first street originally planned as a shopping street. The bridge stood on 19 arches. But now only one is visible, the other 18 arches are hidden by buildings standing along the bridge. The owners used these additional areas as warehouses, workshops, etc. Now there are 120 such basement rooms, ranging from two to forty square meters.

But warehouses and workshops did not exist under the bridge for long. The bridge was not waterproofed, the cellars began to flood. The South Bridge as a shopping street was opened in 1788, and already in 1795 merchants and artisans left the cellars. New tenants were not long in coming. The basements became part of the Edinburgh slums. Countless pubs and brothels appear here, and those who have nowhere else to go live. Living conditions were terrible: darkness, dampness, stench. And, of course, this area could not help but become a breeding ground for crimes - murders and robberies. The infamous serial killers Burke and Hare are said to have hunted their victims here.

It is not known exactly when the cellars were filled up - the dates are from 1835 to 1875. The cellars were reopened only in 1980 - rugby player Norman Rowan accidentally discovered a tunnel leading to the catacombs.

Now the basements of the South Bridge are a popular tourist attraction, anyone can get inside with a guided tour. But if you are afraid of the dark, confined spaces or ghosts, you better not go down there. Many impressionable people hear otherworldly voices there, feel the breath of cold air (although the temperature in the dungeons is constant), during excursions, the lights often go out for no apparent reason. Paranormal researchers claim that the basements are inhabited by ghosts and ghosts.

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Topic: Edinburgh Vaults description and photos - Great Britain: Edinburgh.Edinburgh Vaults description and photos - Great Britain: Edinburgh

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