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Narrow Gauge Railroad Banitis description and photos - Latvia: Aluksne

Narrow Gauge Railroad Banitis) description and photos - Latvia: Aluksne

Narrow Gauge Railroad Banitis description and photos - Latvia: Aluksne. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Narrow Gauge Railroad Banitis.

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The Banitis narrow-gauge railway connects the regional centers of Gulbene and Aluksne and is the only public narrow-gauge railway in operation in the Baltics. The path from Gulbene to Aluksne with a length of 33 kilometers remains from the once functioning 212-kilometer Stukmani-Valka railway line, created in 1903.

The Banitis narrow-gauge railway is a cultural monument of national importance, which testifies to the development of technology in the XX century. The name "Banitis" comes from the German word "Bahn", which means "Autobahn" - expressway, motorway.

The width of the railroad track is 750 millimeters. Passenger transportation is organized regularly. Every day on the route Gulbene - Aluksne there are 3 pairs of trains. The journey takes an hour and a half. In most cases, people and goods are transported by ordinary diesel locomotives. And on holidays and on special occasions, veteran steam locomotives of the 60s and 80s of the XX century enter the line. The historical technique has been well restored. For example, a steam locomotive "KCH-4-332" is used. It is rented at the Estonian Railway Museum in the village of Lavasaar. And the steam locomotive "Marisa", named after the wife of Baron Wolfe, the most famous person in the area at the end of the 19th century, runs on wood.

Every day this road is used by hundreds of ordinary passengers running about their business. Locals call the railway “our rural tram.”

The railway is very popular among tourists and visitors to the city. First of all, rural Latvia is very beautiful. From the windows of the train you can admire the picturesque forests, fields, hills. Undoubtedly, the retro carriages are very attractive, which are furnished in the old style of the early 20th century. And the guide will tell you fascinatingly about the history of the country and the region. It will be very interesting for children to hear about the secrets of the forest. After all, it was in the amazing forests between Aluksne and Gulbene that the kingdom of the elves was located.

The entertainment program on the narrow-gauge railway for tourists is usually prepared in secret and becomes an unusual surprise for most participants. The show of robbers is regularly held. The train suddenly stops at a deserted stop or in an open field. He is attacked by a gang of thugs. Children begin to scream, ladies rip off expensive jewelry, men grab pistols. Shooting is heard everywhere, horses neighing. Captured tourists are sent to the camp of robbers, where the "hostages" are fed with porridge and fried sausages. All food is cooked at the stake. They play various games with children. All this is part of a fun and unforgettable show. A novelty of the show of robbers will also be a tour to the guest houses of Gulbene and Aluksne districts.

By the way, the trip by a tourist train will take about 4 hours.

The Banitis narrow-gauge railway also offers tourists a tour of the Gulbene depot , riding in the saloon of the leaders of the Communist Party of Estonia with the atmosphere of Soviet times, on a handcar, shows with barmaids, border guards and snacks, an overnight stay in the Gulbene depot or the saloon car of the leaders of the Estonian Communist Party, as well as tent sites near the Gulbene depot

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