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Palace and park ensemble ”Own dacha” description and photo - Russia - St. Petersburg: Peterhof

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Palace and park ensemble

Palace and park ensemble "Own dacha" description and photos - Russia - St. Petersburg: Peterhof. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

The palace and park ensemble "Own dacha" is located 3 km west of the Great Peterhof Palace on the left side of the highway leading to Lomonosov. This complex has a rather interesting history.

The owner of this estate was originally a member of the Privy Supreme Council, senator, chamberlain, Aleksey Grigorievich Dolgorukov (he was the tutor of Peter II). In 1727 he started the construction of a stone palace. But he failed to complete it - A.G. Dolgorukov after the death of Peter II was sent into exile, and the estate was confiscated.

In 1733 Anna Ioannovna handed over the dacha with the unfinished palace to the associate of Peter I, an outstanding preacher and public figure, Bishop Feofan Prokopovich. In 1736, after the death of Feofan Prokopovich, a dacha with a stone house, valued at 5 thousand rubles, passed to the treasury, and in 1741 it was granted to Tsarevna Elizaveta Petrovna.

During the time of Elizabeth, a lot of construction began at the dacha. It received the name "Own Dacha", and Own prospect connected it with the Great Peterhof Palace. Bridges were thrown over the ravines that crossed the territory of the dacha, and a wooden court church in honor of the Holy Trinity was erected to the west of the palace. The architecture of the "Own Dacha" palace was reminiscent of the Peterhof palace of Marly.

To the east of the Rastrelli palace, a new large wooden house was erected, which was connected to the stone palace by the Gallery running through the ravine. The stone palace remained the architectural dominant of the estate: a staircase descending to the pond emphasized its central position. On the south side of the palace there was a cross-shaped regular garden (a pond, a garden and a staircase have survived to this day).

During the reign of Catherine II, the estate continued to remain unchanged, but during the time of Paul I, the house built by the great Shoot was dismantled and transported (in its place were planted young oak trees brought from Kazan), the dilapidated buildings were demolished, the road from Peterhof to "Own Dacha". Emperor Paul I presented the dacha to Maria Feodorovna and he himself quite often came here with her.

In 1843 "Own dacha" was granted by Nicholas I to the heir to the throne, Alexander Nikolaevich. At this time, serious work began on the reconstruction of the estate.

Designed by A.I. Stackenschneider in 1844-1850. the palace was rebuilt. A 1858 on the site of the former wooden church, a new palace Trinity church was erected from stone. The dams and bridges were rebuilt and the park was partially redesigned. To the south of the palace, vases were installed in a regular garden, and later - statues of musicians. A flower garden and fountains were laid out in front of the lower pond. Alexander Nikolayevich spent his honeymoon here.

The garden of this estate with its age-old trees and mountainous location was a country corner of amazing beauty and comfort. On the maps of the late 18th century. in the south-west of the palace, an "irregularly planted" oak grove was noted, which still exists (it is depicted in Shishkin's canvases in 1891).

During the war 1941-45. the palace of "Own Dacha", the church and other buildings were badly damaged by shelling. In 1955-1960. the building of the palace was restored with the restoration of the facades. The destroyed bridges were replaced with utilitarian, temporary ones. The restoration work of the "Own Dacha" continues to this day. The restoration of the Trinity Church began only in 2007

The restored palace and park complex "Own Dacha" will be able to take its rightful place among other monuments of Peterhof and Oranienbaum.

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Topic: Palace and park ensemble ”Own dacha” description and photo - Russia - St. Petersburg: Peterhof.Palace and park ensemble ”Own dacha” description and photo - Russia - St. Petersburg: Peterhof

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