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Theater square (Teatro aikste) description and photos - Lithuania: Klaipeda

Theater square (Teatro aikste) description and photos - Lithuania: Klaipeda

Teatralnaya square (Teatro aikste) description and photos - Lithuania: Klaipeda. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Teatro aikste.

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One of the most popular places for leisure and recreation in the city of Klaipeda is the famous Teatralnaya Square, which carries the elegance of its architectural design and is considered one of the most beautiful places in the whole city.

Theater Square is located in the very heart of Klaipeda city, namely in the old part of the city. In this place, you can gain the required amount of positive emotions and tune in to a romantic mood in order to visit this place again. A beautiful fountain, a paved pavement, a theater building, built in 1775, and a monument to Solomon Dakh delight most of the tourists in this city.

Not so long ago, this square was called the Market Square, since Market Street is located next to it ... Now Teatralnaya Square is an excellent place for spending free time; here you can sit in restaurants offering a variety of not only Lithuanian, but also European cuisine, enjoying the architectural views of the buildings.

At night there are numerous casinos in the square, where you can have fun. Residents of the city of Klaipeda often come to Theater Square on weekends with wedding processions.

Not far from the theater there is a modern building where you can buy very high quality amber products, both the stone itself and products made from it deserve real praise.

Not far from the Theater Square, you can see the famous D-Tower. The exchange bridge attracts special attention of guests on the popular square. It is known under the name "Charles Bridge" because the bridge is a beautiful structure, the main decorations of which are the heads of lions and bulls. It was built in honor of the son of Frederick Wilhelm III. It is this landmark of the city that is considered the hallmark of the city of Klapeida among Lithuanians and visiting tourists.

As for the history of this bridge, we can say that the bridge is very old, and like all old buildings, in the past it was made of wood. Much later, in 1879, another wooden bridge was built near the location of the "Charles Bridge", which had a specially designed device for ships sailing past it. In 1904, the bridge was subject to reconstruction, and all the wooden components of its structure were replaced with similar, but metal ones. Already in place by 2002, located near the Exchange Bridge, a column was erected, which serves as a poster stand and is called the Information Column.

It is known that when the bridge was made of wood, it brought a good income to the city treasury, because it separates the New City from the Old City. As soon as any ship approached the bridge, it had to pay tax, as soon as the tax was paid, a small hole was opened in the central part of the bridge through which the ship passed on its further route. After the wooden bridge was converted into metal on stone supports, namely at the beginning of the 20th century, trams were launched along the "Charles Bridge". At the moment, there is no tram traffic in Klaipeda.

Next to the Birzhevy Bridge there is one of the symbols of the city - the sailing ship "Meridian", built in 1948,

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Topic: Theater square (Teatro aikste) description and photos - Lithuania: Klaipeda.Theater square (Teatro aikste) description and photos - Lithuania: Klaipeda

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