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Sky Tower (Sky Tower) description and photos - New Zealand: Auckland

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Sky Tower description and photo - New Zealand: Auckland

Sky Tower description and photos - New Zealand: Auckland. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Sky Tower.

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The Sky Tower is one of New Zealand's most breathtaking landmarks. It is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere and the tallest human creation in New Zealand. The Sky Tower is 328 meters high. The tower was built by Fletcher Construction and was designed by Gordon Moller. The construction of the tower took 2 years and 9 months, according to the plan it took six months more. The design of the tower provides for the possibility of storms with gusts of wind up to 200 km / h, as well as earthquakes of magnitude 8 within a radius of 20 km from the tower.

The Sky Tower's three glass elevators can accommodate 225 people at a time. Elevators run on schedule every 15 minutes. They move at a speed of 18 km / h, thus spending only 40 seconds on the trip to the very top. The tower has 3 viewing platforms, from each of which you can view a 360-degree panorama. On a clear day, the distance over which the surroundings can be viewed is 82 km.

The Sky Tower, in addition to the opportunity to enjoy unprecedented views of Auckland's surroundings, offers ample opportunities for entertainment. In its depths, everyone can visit any of 11 restaurants or 10 bars, each of which has its own cuisine, theme and atmosphere.

There are two hotels in the Sky Tower (Skycity Hotel and Skycity Grand Hotel), offering different options for accommodation, meals and rental periods, depending on the needs of tourists. There is even a casino where anyone can play poker.

The most daring can experience all the delights of ski jumping (SkyJump). Under the supervision of an experienced instructor, extreme lovers fall down from a height of 192 meters. The flight lasts about 11 seconds and travels at a speed of about 85 km / h. The flight ends with a smooth landing at Sky City Plaza. The flight is so safe that virtually any age can take advantage of this service.

For all kinds of business events, the Sky Tower provides a conference complex SKYCITY Auckland Convention Center with an area of 5,000 square meters. In addition to conferences, the tower has all the facilities for banquets, exhibitions, meetings, web conferences, gala dinners, awards, charity dinners, etc.

The Auckland Sky Tower is actually a city within a city.

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