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Museum complex ”Lenin's Shalash” description and photos - Russia - St. Petersburg: Sestroretsk

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Lenin's Shalash museum complex description and photo - Russia - St. Petersburg: Sestroretsk

Museum complex "Lenin's Shalash" description and photos - Russia - St. Petersburg: Sestroretsk. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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Lenin's Shalash is a museum complex dedicated to the period when Lenin was hiding from the persecution of the Provisional Government in Razliv. Monument "Shalash" was opened in 1928

After an attempt to seize power in July 1917, the Provisional Government issued a decree to arrest more than forty representatives of the Bolshevik Party. From 5 to 9 July 1917 V.I. Lenin was hiding in Petrograd, but on the night of July 10, under the guise of a mower, he moved to Razliv. At first he settled with N.A. Emelyanov, a worker of an arms factory, who at that time lived in a barn due to the renovation of his house. G.E. lived there. Zinoviev But a few days later the police appeared in the village. This was the reason for changing the place of refuge to a hut on the other side of the Spill. But in August, with the beginning of forest hunting near the lake, it became very dangerous to live in a hut. In addition, it rained and got colder. The central committee of the party decided to hide Lenin in Finland. Lenin, disguised as a stoker, was taken out on a steam locomotive by the machinist G.E. Yalava.

After Lenin's death at the memorial meeting of N.A. Emelyanov, who sheltered Lenin in Razliv, spoke about the events of that summer. The workers gathered at the rally decided that this place should be somehow immortalized. On the tenth anniversary of the revolution, in 1927 a stone was laid here, and in 1928 a granite hut monument was opened. The author of the project is A.I. Hegello. Rotach made a significant contribution to the design and construction process.

Rotach Alexander Lukich began work on the construction of the monument at the beginning of 1927 with the drilling of three exploration wells: one - on the site of the hut, two - on the site of the pier. He also marked the roads from Tarkhovka and the pier to the hut. Granite for the construction of the monument was harvested on Borisova Griva, near the western coast of Lake Ladoga. Due to the large volume of work, the dates for the opening of the monument were constantly postponed.

In February 1927, the project of the monument was completed and approved. Simultaneously with the construction of the monument, work was going on to equip the pier, where Lenin's boat moored, as well as the road from it.

First, Gegello made a model of a plasticine hut. Then, on the spot, the hut was molded of clay in full size. This was done by the sculptor-modeller - A.E. Gromov. Only after these actions the hut was cut out of granite by B.A. Black. In August 1927, the main work was completed.

Due to the lack of a dirt road, it was decided not to open the monument in autumn. Until 1940, the monument was located on the territory of the fortified area, visitors were allowed here only in organized groups. During the war, the front line passed next to the "Shalash". Soviet soldiers here swore an oath of allegiance to the Motherland, here they presented guards banners to military units, and awarded heroes.

In 1955, after the war, a hut and a haystack were restored, a conservation area was created, an entrance from the Primorskoe highway was issued, and the road was improved. In 1964, a pavilion-museum of marble, granite and glass was built next to the "Shalash". The author of the project is V.D. Kirhoglani.

Every year more and more people visit the monument. In 1996, 19 thousand people visited here, in 2008 - 18 thousand, in 2009 - 33 thousand people.

Today, the territory of the Lenin monument complex is popular in connection with various holidays held here. By tradition, a conference is held here in April, organized by the deputy editor of the newspaper Narodnoe Delo B. Ganshin and Professor of St. Petersburg University M. Popov. The conference is attended by representatives of Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and other countries.

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Topic: Museum complex ”Lenin's Shalash” description and photos - Russia - St. Petersburg: Sestroretsk.Museum complex ”Lenin's Shalash” description and photos - Russia - St. Petersburg: Sestroretsk

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