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Krustpils pils castle description and photos - Latvia: Jekabpils

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Krustpils castle (Krustpils pils) description and photos - Latvia: Jekabpils

Krustpils pils description and photo - Latvia: Jekabpils. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Krustpils pils.

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Krustpils is the historical name of the town of Jekabpils, but now it only refers to the railway station. The city was named Jekabpils in honor of its famous founder and ruler, Duke Jekabs. Krustpils Castle is one of the few that have survived from the Middle Ages. It is in good condition, being an architectural monument of national importance.

Krustpils Castle was the farthest fortress of the Archbishop of Riga on the Daugava. Its functions included the protection and protection of the eastern trade routes. In historical chronicles, the castle was first mentioned in 1318, when it was captured by the Order. It is possible that the Krustpils castle (Latvian - Krustpils pils) could have existed as early as 1237. Most likely, it was founded by Nikolos of Magdeburg, who was the bishop of the Livonian Order. The castle was erected on the right bank of the Daugava, it is assumed that the fortress was surrounded by a moat, traces of which have not survived to this day.

In 1561 Krustpils castle became the property of the Polish king. During its long history, the castle was repeatedly sieged. Great damage was received during the Northern War. After the restoration work carried out in the 18th century, the castle was expanded. A new building was erected with mansards on the roof and towers, erected in the Baroque style, and a closed courtyard typical of the Middle Ages has been preserved.

Since 1585, for 3 centuries, the owners of the castle were the Korf family. Initially, this fortress was presented by Stefan Bathory to Nicholas von Corfu, who was one of the best commanders of his army. The castle was transformed from a military fortress into a luxurious palace.

During the First World War, although the castle was subjected to shelling, it was almost not damaged. During this period of hostilities, the artillery units of the Latgale and Zemgale regiments were located there. At the beginning of the Second World War, the 126th Rifle Regiment of the Red Army was located in the Krustpils Castle. In 1941, when the Germans occupied Latvia, there was a hospital here. In 1944, after the retreat of the Germans, the hospital became Soviet. After the end of the war, the Air Force warehouse was located here.

In 1994, the Krustpils Castle was transferred to the Jekabpils History Museum. The castle has an exposition dedicated to its history. There is also a collection of propaganda materials and posters from the Soviet era.

The preserved cellars of the castle with covered cross vaults will be interesting to see. You can also climb the gate tower, which was created in the 16-17 centuries. The purpose of the construction of this tower was to demonstrate the possessions of the then owners of the Krustpils castle - Korf. If you wish, after a tour of the castle, you can have a bite to eat in a cafe located next to the castle.

Several legends are associated with the castle. According to one of the legends, when the knights decided to build a fortress in a chosen place, it was not possible to build a castle. No matter how many stones the workers put in during the day, the same number of devil will scatter at night. The knights tried in every possible way to pay off: they left money, and read prayers, and put up a cross - however, they were so sinful that they could not get rid of the devil. One sorcerer said that in order to calm the devil, you need to sacrifice a person to him. They did just that. They got one of the workers drunk and walled up in the foundation of the castle's main tower. Damn, from that time on and stopped disturbing them.

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