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Assumption Church description and photo - Bulgaria: Samokov

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Assumption Church description and photos - Bulgaria: Samokov

Assumption Church description and photos - Bulgaria: Samokov. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin (aka the Metropolitan Church) was built in the city of Samokov at the expense of wealthy citizens in the late Middle Ages, in 1712. It was built secretly from the Turkish authorities and was a small one-nave temple, more like an ordinary house. In order not to arouse suspicion, a pipe was built, which was clearly visible from the side of the street.

In 1793, the Metropolitan managed to reach an agreement with the Turks and obtain permission to build a temple without a bell tower. A significant reconstruction began, as a result of which only a part of the wall of the viper survived from the first church. The new building was, as required, half buried in the ground and surrounded by high walls.

Skilled craftsmen were entrusted with decorating the temple. The walnut tree for the iconostasis, pulpit, thrones, etc. was brought from distant Athos, and a talented carver, the monk Andon, also came from there. He decorated wooden products with images of animals and birds, plants and other decorative elements. The icons were painted by the Samokov icon painter, the founder of the art school, Hristo Dimitrov. He also painted the vaults of the church.

In 1805, the building of the temple was expanded from one-nave to three-nave. The work took about a quarter of a century. As a result, three thrones appeared in the church: the central one - the Dormition of the Theotokos, the right (southern) one - John of Rilski, the left (northern) one - the Martyr Harlampy. The fourth throne was built in the chapel at the church.

In the same years, the iconostasis was significantly expanded, which later became one of the most beautiful in all of Bulgaria. The Greek master Athanasius Teladur adorned two wings of the new iconostasis with skillful carvings. Openwork roses, sunflowers and suns complemented the already existing composition. The painter Dimitar Zograf painted icons on the Royal Doors.

In 1892, after the Liberation, a 25-meter bell tower was built next to the church.

Currently, the temple is a domeless stone basilica with three naves (separated by two rows of columns) under a gable roof and a semicircular apse. It is dug into the ground about two meters. At the entrance to the building there is a porch in the form of a porch resting on columns. The floor of the room is lined with marble, and the ceiling is decorated with carvings and painted.

The Metropolitan Church is a valuable monument of culture and history of Samokov.

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Topic: Assumption Church description and photo - Bulgaria: Samokov.Assumption Church description and photo - Bulgaria: Samokov

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