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Geography and climate in Tampere

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Tampere is the second most important city in Finland (after Helsinki). The city is located in the southern part of the country and covers an area of 687.9 km?.

Tampere is located between two lakes: Pyhajarvi (south) and Nasijarvi (north). Due to the fact that the lakes have different levels, the Tammerkoski River runs between them, which divides the historical part of the city into two parts. The length of the river is 945 meters.

You can get to Tampere by rail or by car from Helsinki, where, in turn, there are direct flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Time zone: +2 GTM (-1 hour to Moscow)


The region is dominated by a continental climate, with warm summers and rather mild winters. The average winter temperature is -3 ° С, often the temperature here drops below -20 ° С.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Tampere.Geography and climate in Tampere

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