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Madrasah Karatay in Turkey, Antalya resort

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Karatay Madrasah, located in the northern part of Karaalioglu Park, is one of the most interesting historical monuments of the city. The building was built by the vizier Selaletdin Karataj in 1251. At that time, the palace also housed the Koranic School. Despite its impressive age, the palace has survived to this day in excellent condition. Today, the Karatay madrasah belongs to the S. Karatay Foundation.

Relatively recently, the government decided to restore the building, in order to transform it into a national museum.

This architectural monument combines many characteristic Arabian details countries of the 13th century – large domes, threaded small parts. In addition, traits of ancient Greek architecture can be traced. For the most part, these are columns made in the style of `` Temple of Poseidon. ''

The floor of the building is covered with a fairly large-scale mosaic of ceramics, with fairly small but clear patterns. It also houses an excellently painted painting depicting local saints.

Following the corridors, an exhibition hall appears, which displays a large collection of exhibits from almost all eras of Turkey's existence. There is a large number of vases of different colors, shapes and sizes. Dishes are the pride of this museum. According to historians, the pointed bases of the pots are explained by the fact that during cooking they were conveniently stuck into the ground.

In addition to dishes, you can also observe various decorations and figurines, as well as other antiquities.  

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Topic: Madrasah Karatay in Turkey, Antalya resort.Madrasah Karatay in Turkey, Antalya resort

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