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Kursunlu Monastery in Turkey, Kusadasi resort

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Kursunlu Monastery is located 20 kilometers from Kusadasi, in the surrounding districts of Davutlar. The monastery was built on a hill overlooking a picturesque panorama of the island of Samos, Guzelcamli and Kusadasi.

According to legend, the monastery was previously an Orthodox Byzantine church, built in the 2nd century. Later, hidden from prying eyes thanks to shrubs and trees, the monastery became an ideal refuge for Christians who were persecuted by unbelievers and iconoclasts. Also, a considerable distance from the monastery to the nearest village served as protection.

After a while, the monastery began to bear the status of a spiritual school. Within its walls were a kitchen, a dining room, monks' cells and a cellar. Today, the site also features a preserved cemetery and chapel.

The ceiling of the chapel is decorated with frescoes depicting biblical characters. During iconoclasm, only geometric and symbolic patterns were painted on the walls, and by the second half of the 9th century, gospel stories began to appear in wall paintings.

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Topic: Kursunlu Monastery in Turkey, Kusadasi resort.Kursunlu Monastery in Turkey, Kusadasi resort

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