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Geography and climate in Uludag

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Geography and climate

Uludag is a gaining popularity Turkish ski resort about 40 kilometers from the city of Bursa in the region of Kushaklikaya peak, which is 2500 meters high. The resort is surrounded by a picturesque mountainous area, which is a national natural park.

Uludag resort is located in a unique climatic zone. Despite the fact that the average annual air temperature in these places is +16 ° С, a stable snow cover persists from early November to mid-April.

Every year, the region receives up to 3,000 millimeters of precipitation, and a large amount of them some of it falls on the winter months, which creates favorable conditions for the successful organization of various winter sports.

The air temperature during the period from November to March, as a rule, does not drop below -7 ° С. The natural and climatic specifics of this region are such that the tracks are thoroughly protected from the prevailing winds.

The time zone of the Uludag resort is GMT +2 (-1 hour from Moscow).


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Topic: Geography and climate in Uludag.Geography and climate in Uludag

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