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Kuretov Street in Turkey, Ephesus resort

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One of the famous streets of Ephesus is Kuretov Street, which stretches from the Gate of Hercules and the Library of Celsius to the Agori.

The street got its present appearance in the 4-5th centuries, during the restoration work carried out after the devastating earthquake, what happened in the 4th century.

The paving of stone and marble is in harmony with the ruins of ancient buildings located on both sides of the street. Here you can see stone pedestals, columns, a podium, friezes, capitals, statues, as well as the remains of residential buildings and shops.

Galleries with columns decorated with fine fine mosaics, which were brought here from all regions, stand out. cities. You can also see the empty pedestals on which statues once stood. Most of the pedestals still have inscriptions engraved in stone. You can look at the statues in the Ephesus Museum.

The street got its name thanks to the mythological characters who gave the name to the sacred caste of Kurets, who led the famous cult actions in the Temple of Artemis. Over time, the caste began to play a major role in Prytania, where today you can see inscriptions telling about the activities of the Kurets. Such inscriptions can also be found throughout the city.

As in other streets of the city, on Kuretov Street there are pits covered with bars, in which convicts for rape or murder were placed. Any passer-by had the right to express their condemnation by spitting in the pit.

All the laws of the city were engraved on the marble wall, also located on the street,

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Topic: Kuretov Street in Turkey, Ephesus resort.Kuretov Street in Turkey, Ephesus resort

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