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Information about Cannes France

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Cannes has been popular for centuries as one of the most luxurious European resorts. The city's bulk beaches are split between luxury hotels, each with a minimum comfort rating of 4.5 stars. For this reason, the choice of the beach entirely depends on the hotel: the more expensive the hotel, the more and more modern the beach service. There is only one free beach in Cannes, it is located not far from the Palace of Film Festivals. Public sun loungers at the height of the holiday season are packed not only with tourists, but also with locals.

As for excursions, Cannes is not very rich in attractions, city walks led by an experienced guide mainly cover the private properties of modern fashion designers , historical sights are often left for walking tours.



The central attraction of modern Cannes is the Palais des Festivals, a massive building that hosts the awarding of the Palme d'Or - a prestigious award in the field of cinematography. The modern building of the Palace was built in 1979, since then only the appearance of the red carpet has changed, which is now covered with a transparent plastic visor, and is illuminated in the evening. At the end of all festivals, the carpet is not removed; anyone can take a picture while standing on it.

Behind the Palace there is another of the modern sights of Cannes - Avenue of Stars. What distinguishes this Alley from other similar places in the world is that the stars of cinema and music have personal plates here, where their handprints are left.

The Picasso Museum in Cannes is located a little away from eternity noisy embankment. The artist himself lived for three months in this seemingly unremarkable mansion, his workshop occupied the entire second floor, but now the entire building is completely dedicated to the works of one of the greatest masters of the 20th century. Two floors of the exhibition halls contain the originals of the most diverse works of Picasso.

In the old part of the city, remote from all modern boulevards of Cannes, there is a strict medieval castle, inside which is one of the most unusual exhibitions in the city. Now the castle is called Museo de la Castre and it is primarily dedicated to the cultures of various nations. Here you can see ritual African masks, costumes brought from Australia, as well as a number of exhibits reflecting the life of East Asia. The contemporary art hall in the museum is dedicated to paintings by living artists from the south of France.

On the island of Saint Margaret there is the Museum of the Sea, also called the Museum of Shipwrecks. The second name more directly reflects the essence of the exposition - all the items on display were once raised from the bottom of the sea, from sunken ships. Some of the ships are from Antiquity, some from the Middle Ages. This museum is located in the premises of a former French prison, where the famous prisoner in the iron mask was located, whose camera can be visited as part of a tour of the museum.

Another island, Saint-Honore, is entirely of interest to Cannes guests. It is located a little further than St. Margaret Island, but it is worth visiting it at least to see the life of the Catholic monastic order, which has existed here since the Middle Ages. The entire territory of the island is literally built up with chapels and churches, and the premises of the monastery themselves are not only a place of prayer, but also a place for the production of exceptionally delicious wine, which the monks gladly treat all visitors.


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