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Pulau-Ubin. Recreation and entertainment

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For outdoor enthusiasts, Singapore   is a real paradise. Here you can ride   bicycle and   water skiing, windsurf, ride a   canoe or watch   horse races.

East Coast Park, located in the eastern part of the island, is famous for its beaches, stretching from Marina Bay to the airport. Any sports equipment: for fishing, windsurfing, sailing, cycling or rollerblading   - here you can rent. On the   beach you can play sports games, make bonfires and   set up tents.

Also at   There are several water and mud baths and   spa salons in the park. The   East Coast has jogging paths, and   also bike paths that are not allowed for cars.

In the   hotel complex located here  , you can rent a small house, and   in local cafes you should definitely try seafood dishes.

Orchard Road, or Orchid Road, is the main shopping street in Singapore. It is always very crowded here and there are numerous sales   You can find almost any product on this street, and at a very reasonable price.


Mount Faber Park & nbsp; is one of the   oldest parks in Singapore. From here, from a specially equipped observation deck, you can look at the   port, Sentosa Island and   other southern islands, Telok Blangah area. It is from   Mount Faber that tourists go to   Sentosa   - here the cable car begins, which leads to the   island. You can sit in a   cafe or restaurant, as well as buy souvenirs.

Fort Canning Park. Fort Canning Park & nbsp; is a rather significant place for the city. Previously, on the   hill, where the park is now located, there was a palace of the rulers, and   the hill itself was the geographical center of the state. The   In 1859, a fort was built here, demolished in   1926   year. Now from the   fortress there are only large wooden gates.

In   Fort Caning Park constantly hosts various exhibitions and   festivals, and   also various performances and   even ballet performances.

Botanical Garden of Singapore. Botanical Garden   - hardly   is not   the most important attraction of the whole country. The founder of Singapore, Thomas Stamford Raffles, founded and   this very botanical garden. At first, only agricultural crops were planted in the   garden, but in 1959 a new, decorative park was created. Its area is   - 52   hectares. In general, the entire park can be called an"open-air exhibition". Flower gardens and alleys are perfectly combined with the corners of a real wild tropical forest. Plants are accompanied by special signs with   names.

In the middle of the 20th   century, the Orchid Park opened with an area of   3 hectares, which became a real pearl of the whole complex. A huge number of orchids of more than four hundred varieties grow here.

Here you can buy souvenirs such as, for example, gilded orchid leaves, or flowers enclosed in vacuum flasks and therefore stored for a very long time.


Singapore Zoo. The Singapore Zoo is considered one of the   best in the   world for the   conditions in which   animals are kept. It is   located in the open air, and   instead of aviaries and   cages, fences made of   branches, ditches or channels with   water are used here. The zoo has a little more than 2 thousands of animals, especially the zoo is proud of the lizards from the Komodo Island, sloth bear, German tiger, Sumatran tiger, clouded leopard and   many others. Famous and   local orangutans, who are very smart. The vegetation in the   aviaries corresponds to the natural habitat of all animals.

At the   highest point of the island there is a special zoo area with an area of   60   hectares   - the Bukit Timakh reserve. Having visited it, you can get to know the animal and   flora of the island before   arrival here of the British. Various birds, kraits, tree snakes, cobras, squirrels, long-tailed macaques and woolly wings live here. In the   mostly the territory of the reserve is a wild tropical forest, however, you can find several special meadows for recreation.

The   zoo constantly hosts performances and   shows for visitors with   participation in   animals. And   at   six o'clock in the evening begins a special"Night Safari". From   From the windows of the bus, visitors observe the nightlife of animals.

Little India. The Little India region is located slightly north of the center of Singapore. This modest area still retains the Indian flavor in   itself. There are both   shops with a spreading smell of spices, and   residents in   national Indian clothes, and small bright houses with   paintings on   walls.


The     street passing through the center of the block   - Serangoon Road -   are the major shopping centers Little India Arcade and & nbsp; Mustaffa Center. Of the   abundance of markets, eateries, shops and   stalls, the Tekka Center stands out, in   where you can buy Indian artisan products, saris, various takni, souvenirs, antiques and   traditional spices.

The streets are always lively   - Indian music is playing, you can see the"fortune-telling" parrots, or get yourself a temporary henna tattoo. During the   days of the Festival of Light, the streets are completely filled with marching people in   bright clothes.

There are a lot of attractions in the   area: wooden temples in   Tamil style, dedicated to the goddess Kali, a Buddha statue   15 meters high,"Temple of 1000   Lights" and   others. Participants of the Taipusam festival traditionally begin their procession from the   Sri Srinivasa Perumal temple.

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