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Information about Pilsen resort in Czech Republic

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For tourists from all over the world, a trip to Pilsen is, first of all, a great opportunity to taste local beer - dozens of varieties from branded Czech breweries, some of which have existed for over a century, are offered in the best bars and restaurants of the city. In addition, many tourists are happy to go on organized excursions to the brewery, which show all stages of making a foamy drink.

Shopping lovers will find a lot of interesting things in the heart of Pilsen - there are dozens of antique and jewelry stores where you can buy the most various products, including one of the main Czech souvenirs - Bohemian glass. Pilsen also became famous for its fairs, timed to coincide with almost every Christian holiday - on Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter, the central streets and squares of the city turn into one big market.

As for the sights, here too Pilsen can compete with the larger and more popular Czech cities. The historical part of the city contains a sufficient number of architectural monuments to conduct large-scale excursions, which can take several days.


The heart of Pilsen and its main shrine is St. Bartholomew's Cathedral - a huge Gothic church, founded in the XIII century, almost the same age as the city itself. According to the preserved records, the first service was held here already in 1307, and since then the church has played the role of the main place of worship in the city. The square in front of the cathedral is considered one of the main squares of the city, and in its center there is another city attraction and an object of mass pilgrimage for Catholics - The Statue of the Virgin Mary of Pilsen. The statue is a plague pillar, erected in the year the terrible epidemic ended in the 16th century.


An important religious complex in Plzen is the Franciscan Monastery and the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The holy monastery has many tragic pages in its history, since its foundation in the XIV century, the monastery was seriously damaged during the Hussite wars, as well as in the XX century, since the communists came to power. In 2012, the monastery and church were completely reconstructed, in the temple, services are occasionally held in honor of major church holidays, and the premises of the monastery itself have turned into a museum. The exposition became known as History of Church Art, and all the canvases of Czech and European painters collected by the monastery over many centuries, as well as many sculptures, as well as many sculptures, became the subjects of the exhibition.

Dungeons of Pilsen are quite a popular excursion object among thrill-seekers. The descent to a depth of 12 meters begins at the Brewery Museum, and part of the underground passages is in some way connected with the city's beer production. Once there were cellars for aging beer, several old barrels can be seen today. In addition, in the underground complex you can see ancient water supply systems and much more. The total length of the Plze underground complex is more than 20 kilometers, while 900 meters are open for excursions in different directions. At the end of the tour, all adult participants will receive a free token for a mug of freshly brewed beer.

One of the best examples of the Czech Renaissance is the building of the Town Hall of Plzen. The Town Hall is located in the northern part of the central quarter and is rightfully considered the largest building in the area. Initially, it was an example of flaming Gothic, built at the end of the 15th century, but with the advent of new styles in architecture, the decision was made to rebuild the Town Hall. Now the Town Hall is used as a wedding palace, and a number of premises are freely available for sightseers.

The main Jewish temple, and one of the most unusual buildings in Pilsen is the Great Synagogue. The temple was built in 1888 and since then it has been one of the most beautiful places of prayer for Jews in the Czech Republic. After the fall of the communist regime in 1989, services resumed, and the synagogue itself became a state-protected cultural site. Monthly exhibitions, seminars and various concerts dedicated to Jewish history and culture are held here.

Another interesting religious monument is the Church of Jan Nelomuk, erected in the 20th century. Despite its relatively short history, this temple survived all the terrible events of the 20th century, was closed and reconstructed several times. The building of the pseudo-Romanesque style, bright on the outside, is just as bright on the inside - visitors to the temple will be impressed by the unique stained glass windows, creating excellent lighting in the daytime, as well as painting the interior walls with scenes from the Gospel.

There are several castles in the vicinity of Pilsen, which are visited at the request of excursion groups, but one of these castles is somewhat more popular - this is Luzhany Castle. The Renaissance building appeared not far from Plzen already in 1550, and from generation to generation it changed its owners. The last owner of this castle was the local architect Josef Hlavka, and it is the spirit of the 19th century, when the castle was bought by Hlavka, that is carefully preserved by the management. Visits to the castle are limited by days, so the guide must agree on the arrival of the excursion group.


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