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Attractions of Batumi

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It takes a very long time to explore the historical quarters of Batumi, despite its relatively small size. The number of sights in the Old City is in the tens, and if you count small monuments, their number will exceed several hundred.


Piazza Square in Old Batumi

Old interesting to see Orta Ahmed Pasha Mosque. It was built in 1866, during the period of Turkish rule on this land. Now it remains the only surviving mosque in the city.

Popular among tourists Europe Square has the most visited attraction of Batumi – singing fountains. They appeared in the city in 2009, and have already become a favorite place for guests and residents of the resort. All summer they work every day, and in the evening a laser show begins on the square.


Europe Square

You should visit Batumi museums from the Adjara Museum of Local Lore. It has been leading its history since 1908, and for more than 100 years of existence, hundreds of thousands of exhibits have accumulated here. The museum halls are dedicated to archeology, ethnology and natural resources of the Batumi region.

Another cultural treasury of the city – this is National Museum of Fine Arts of Adjara. It has existed not so long ago, only since 1998, but in such a short period of time it managed to become the main gallery of paintings in the resort region. Here are collected authentic canvases by recognized masters of Georgia, including Niko Pirosmani and other painters.

In the small Museum of Archeology you can appreciate a unique collection of finds testifying to the presence of man in Adjara back in the Stone Age.

Unique Batumi Arts and Music Center – it is not only a striking building, reconstructed in 2011, but also a cultural institution that has no analogues in Europe. Ballet, opera, Catholic choir and youth theater troupes perform here under one roof. The building has several rooms with individual planning and technical equipment.


Batumi Arts and Music Center

Batumi Botanical Garden – one of those places in the city that can be called quite the official symbol of the resort. It has existed since the end of the 19th century, and over the years thousands of species of flowers, trees and shrubs from all over the world have been collected here.

In the Soviet years, namely – in 1975, Batumi Dolphinarium – one of the most visited places in the city. The inhabitants of this place are trained by the best Georgian masters, and the performances are so popular that in summer, tickets need to be bought several weeks in advance.

With children, you can also go to Batumi Zoo. In fact, it is an isolated part of another landmark of the city – May 6 Park.

One of the most successful architectural solutions in Batumi is Argonauts Square. It was named after the famous Greek heroes who were looking for the golden fleece in Colchis. The square is crowned with a statue of Medea – Queen of Colchis holding that treasure in her hands.

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