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Geography and climate in Milocer

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Milocer is a picturesque place in Montenegro with beautiful villas, clear sea and world-famous beaches of the Adriatic coast. In the old days, even members of the royal family of Karadjordjevici visited this resort. The current king Nicola chose this place as a summer residence for himself and his family.

Getting to Milocer is not difficult. The resort is located 80 km from Dubrovnik airport and 28 km from Tivat airport. The trip from the last one to Milocer itself will take no more than 30 minutes.

Milocer's time zone is GMT + 1 (-2 hours from Moscow).


Milocer characterized by an extremely mild and warm Mediterranean climate, due to the abundance of greenery and coastal rocks,

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Topic: Geography and climate in Milocer.Geography and climate in Milocer

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