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Zakynthos Island in Greece

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The island of Zakynthos is located in the Ionian Sea. The area of the island is 402 square kilometers. The island has its own capital: the city of Zakynthos.

Zakynthos consists of two mountain ranges, which are separated by a deep valley. The best way to get to the island is   by air. There are regular flights from Athens.

In 1999, Zakynthos was declared a national nature reserve. In addition, there are a lot of historical monuments on   Zakynthos. These include the Venetian Tower in the village of Volimes, as well as the ancient churches of St. Nicholas and St. Maurus located nearby,, the walls of which are decorated with frescoes of the 11th — 14th centuries.

There is a Byzantine Museum on the island, in   the exposition of which has collected a lot of historically interesting exhibits, a collection of icons dating back to the 17th century deserves special attention.

Zakynthos – the place where Saint Dionysius, the patron saint of the island, once lived. The Monitis Panayyastis Anafonitrias Monastery, built in the 16th century, was named in his honor.

On the territory of the island's capital, it is worth seeing the ancient citadel, once built by the Venetians to defend against attacks. visit the ceramics gallery « Hanne Mi ».

Pleasure with the richness of the assortment and souvenir shops: many craftsmen live in Zakynthos, whose works are in great demand among tourists.  

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Topic: Zakynthos Island in Greece.Zakynthos Island in Greece

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