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Karaalioglu Park in Turkey, Antalya resort

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Karaalioglu Park is the largest and most beautiful park in Antalya. This popular recreation area stretches along the rocky coastline for several kilometers. Due to its convenient location, you can enjoy breathtaking views of mountains and bays from here.

The park was founded in 1943. Today the park houses several natural and architectural attractions. One of them is the Hidirlik tower located in the west of the park. Nowadays, the tower is one of the most unique architectural finds of the Antalya coast.

In the eastern part of the park there is the Theater under the municipality, the building of the Antalya Municipality and the Ataturk Museum house.

The park amazes with the diversity and abundance of plants ... Fruiting orange and tangerine trees grow here, palms and a variety of flowers. There are also unusual statues and magnificent fountains. The park is considered a favorite place for philosophers and romantics, as well as for tourists who prefer secluded relaxation.

There are many cafes and restaurants, and even a mini-zoo where you can look at exotic representatives of the fauna.

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Topic: Karaalioglu Park in Turkey, Antalya resort.Karaalioglu Park in Turkey, Antalya resort

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