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Acropolis Museum in Greece, resort of Athens

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In December 2007, a new Acropolis Museum was laid, the official opening of which took place in 2009. The main organizer for the creation of the museum was Dimitrios Pandermalis – professor of archeology. The design of the museum was carried out by the Swiss architect Bernard Chumi.

The very first Acropolis Museum was built in 1874. For two centuries, many researchers came one after another, and since the beginning of the 19th century, a huge number of artifacts have been discovered here, which clearly exceeded the envisaged volumes of the existing building.

The following moment served as an additional incentive for the construction of the building -; Greece began negotiations with the British government to return the marble sculptures that had been removed by Lord Elgin. To which Britain pointed out the lack of conditions necessary for the exhibition. After that, a decision was made to build a new museum.

In 1976, the first architectural competition was held, in which only Greek architects took part. However, neither the first nor the second competition, held in 1979, yielded results, since the plot of land allocated for the construction of the museum was declared unsuitable for planning structures.

In 1989, the third was held, but this time International competition. There were three sites to choose from. The victory in the competition was won by Italian architects Lucio Passarelli and Manfredi Nicoletti.

In the 1990s, after a pause, the construction of the museum was started. However, not for long. During the digging of the hollow under the foundation of the museum, the builders discovered artifacts that became the reason for the cancellation of the results of the competition.

Soon a fourth competition was held, in which not a single suitable project was proposed that would not disturb the ancient burials. These conditions were finalized later with the involvement of foreign and Greek specialists. As a result, the construction plan was designed in such a way that the structure of the building was supported only by the columns.

The opening of the museum was planned for the 2004 Olympic Games. However, the construction was constantly delayed. Construction work came close to completion only in 2007, at the same time, the transportation of exhibits from the old museum to the new one was started.  

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Topic: Acropolis Museum in Greece, resort of Athens.Acropolis Museum in Greece, resort of Athens

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