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Paddington Station in the UK, resort of London

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Station building Paddington is the face of an entire era, it is a concentrate of"good old England"in its industrial period. Railway terminal composed three arched structures of forged metal, embodied in its outlines all the might of the metropolis, which kept subordinate colonies in all parts of the world.

The station was laid in central London in the middle of the 19th century, assigning it to the maintenance of the Great Western Railway. Building the main building of the station was completed by 1854. Twice: in 1906 and in 2000 years - the station was being modernized.

The architect of Paddington Station was an engineer, shipbuilder and innovator - Isambard Brunel. His appearance is immortalized in bronze, you can see the sculpture in detail on one of the station platforms. By the way, there you can also see a memorial to the railway soldiers of the First World War and antique wall clock.

The world's first train pulled up to the Paddington railway station in 1863. Of course, since then, the station has changed. Paddington today Is one of the largest transport hubs in Britain. Fourteen interchange station platforms connect the subway, suburban train and train platforms long distance travel. From here routes are laid out in a westerly direction - to Wales, Bath and Bristol. Also, here is the last time a hustle is seen Anglo-Saxon world passengers about to leave the foggy Albion - from Express trains run to Heathrow Airport.

Outside, the station is flanked by Pride Street and Bishops Bridge Road. From the east side of the bulk of the station is approaching the Eastbourne Embankment, which fettered concrete bank of one of the arms of the Grand Union Canal. In the vicinity of the station beloved by locals and tourists, Marble Arch, Oxford Street and Hyde Park.

Paddington Station is also famous for its literary mentions. Exactly at 4.50 GMT a train came out of here, on board which in one of Agatha Christie's novels happened murder.
IN the famous tale of Michael Bond exactly to Paddington Station from South America a little bear has arrived. Sitting on a suitcase, he waited for someone invite him to visit. The compassionate Brown couple adopted the bear and gave him name after the name of the place where the fateful meeting took place. So Paddington finally established itself as a cultural code, perhaps laid down in the consciousness of everyone born British. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Paddington Station in the UK, resort of London.Paddington Station in the UK, resort of London

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