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Besakih Temple Complex in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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The Beskakih temple complex, also known as “the mother of all temples", located in Indonesia on the island of Bali. Beskakih, located on the slope of Mount Agung, is the largest and most important temple complex and serves the standard for all other sanctuaries, of which there are a great many on the island.

The history of the Beskakih began in the 11th century: according to legend, the first the temple near the sacred volcano Agung was erected by the Javanese sage Rhea Markandya, and two centuries later a whole city of majestic pagodas. Even then, Beskakih had the status of the most important religious center, thousands of people from all over Indonesia came here during the national holidays. Evidence of the exclusive status of the complex is, for example, the fact that the kingdom of Klungkung, on whose territory he was located, always respected and revered as the strongest, despite its very small size. In 1917, most of the temple buildings were destroyed by an earthquake, but Beskakih was quickly rebuilt. The threat temples represented the eruption of 1963, but the destructive power of the strongest cataclysm for some reason passed the sacred place, in which many local residents saw the will of the gods.

At the moment, the temple complex consists of a complexity of 22 buildings. The three largest temples are dedicated to the supreme to the Hindu gods Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma, they served as a place of pilgrimage for members the royal family and are the central and especially revered temples of the Beskakih. The rest of the sanctuaries are much smaller and less expensive. decoration. Each temple has its own patron god or saint.

Now Beskakih is also a tourist attraction: for a small a fee at the entrance, you can hire a guide, without whom a walk through the Beskakih, who has an impressive area of 3 km 2, can turn into an endless wandering through tangled alleys. Despite the huge number of tourists, the temple complex is still the center of religion. Annually in Beskakih a huge number of pilgrims and believers come, because according to Indonesian legends, not only all the gods of the Balinese pantheon live here, but also the souls of dead ancestors. I must say that most of the temples are closed for visits by representatives of non-Hindu faiths, so see the buildings from the inside will not work (in some places, tourists are not even allowed to enter the temple stairs). However, wander around and stare at the numerous statues, sculptures and bas-reliefs depicting gods, dragons and other mysterious creatures, no one forbids.
The outer part of Beskakih is considered a tourist area. Here you can buy souvenirs for memory, and on holidays you can even watch colorful processions and processions. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Besakih Temple Complex in Indonesia, Bali Resort.Besakih Temple Complex in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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