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Perfume Museum in Germany, Cologne Spa

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The Perfume Museum, also known as the Farin House, is one of the most interesting museums in Cologne. The museum is located not far from the Wallraf-Richartz Museum, opposite the City Hall.

Giovanni Maria Farina, a native of Italy, by the will of fate came to Cologne, where he came up with a recipe for flavored water. In 1709, Farina founded the Eau De Cologne manufactory in Cologne for the production of Cologne water. Nowadays, the Farina perfume factory is considered the oldest in the world.

Originally, Farina's flavored water could be purchased only in Cologne. However, it soon became widespread in other European cities. Eau De Cologne enjoyed great popularity among the aristocracy. Later `` Cologne water '' was mentioned in numerous works of art.

Legend has it that in 1792, Wilhelm Muhlchens received a recipe for scented water from a Cartesian monk as a gift, later called Cologne 4711. Originally water was used as a medicine for headaches and colds, and later became a famous perfume. During the French occupation 'water from Cologne' was sent by soldiers to their homeland, where it soon became popular.

The original recipe for the production of perfumery J.M. Farina is still closely guarded today. Recently, a statue was erected on the tower of the Town Hall in memory of the perfumer. Since its foundation, the perfumery company has been inherited, and now the eighth generation of Farin is already managing the company.

The museum is located in the Farin House. The exhibits, spread over three floors, can tell the story of the company’s three hundred years of history, as well as the various aromas of `` Cologne water ''. Here you can also learn about the methods of making perfumes and look at the special apparatus used for distillation. The collection of vessels for perfume, represented by various bottles and jars of bizarre shapes, deserves attention. Guided tours of the museum are accompanied by guides dressed in Rococo clothing.

The house also houses a shop where you can buy a real 'Eau De Cologne'.

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Topic: Perfume Museum in Germany, Cologne Spa.Perfume Museum in Germany, Cologne Spa

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