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Nauen Gate in Germany, Potsdam spa

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Nauen Gate – another rather important attraction of the German city of Potsdam, in which in total only three city gates have survived. The idea of building this gate belongs to King Frederick the Great. The Nauen Gate was originally built in 1733, but was somewhat apart from the current one, at a distance of about half a kilometer.

Later, in 1755, the king himself designed the appearance of the gate, and they were rebuilt again, in a different place, where they are to this day. The gate design strongly resembles a Gothic castle. Indeed, there is an opinion that Frederick the Great made his sketches, focusing on the Scottish castle of Inverery, built in the neo-Gothic (or, in other words, pseudo-Gothic) style.

Initially, the gate had two parts. The second, which was demolished in 1868 and has not survived to this day, bore the inscription: `` Long live the king and his brave soldiers. '' Today, in the square in front of the Nauen Gate, tourists can find many cafes and bars; locals love to make dates and business meetings here. And under the gates there is a city tram.


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Topic: Nauen Gate in Germany, Potsdam spa.Nauen Gate in Germany, Potsdam spa

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