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Speck Hall in the UK, Liverpool Resort

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ImageSpeck Hall is a country mansion built in the Tudor era, a magnificent example of half-timbered technology. The construction of the house, which has survived to the present day, began in 1530. The buildings that were already on the site were included in the design of the new building. A year later, the Big (Oak) living room was built. In 1540-1570, the southern wing of the mansion was reconstructed; the west wing was built in 1546-1547. The last major changes to the appearance of the building were made in 1698, when its northern part was significantly rebuilt. From that moment on, knowledge practically did not change, and to this day it is one of the oldest such buildings in Liverpool. Oak pillars and beams resting on a red sandstone foundation are characteristic of Tudor style architecture. In numerous English castles, country residences built at the same time, there are many secret underground passages and shelters where you could quickly hide if necessary. Such asylums became widespread during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, when the Catholic faith was outlawed, and priests were persecuted as criminals and treason. There are also similar secret passages and rooms in the Speck Hall, where a priest could hide in the event of a raid. Special holes were made in the walls of such rooms, allowing you to hear what people are talking about outside, for example, on the porch of the house, and viewing holes were equipped in the chimney of the fireplace, allowing you to notice the approach of uninvited guests from afar. A luxurious garden was laid out near the Speck Hall mansion in 1850, where two yew trees, named Adam and Eve, grow. Scientists estimate their age to be in the range of 500 to 1000 years. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Speck Hall in the UK, Liverpool Resort.Speck Hall in the UK, Liverpool Resort

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