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Winery Alkadar description and photo - Crimea: Sevastopol

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Winery " Alkadar

Winery " Alkadar " description and photo - Crimea: Sevastopol. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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The Alkadar winery is located seven kilometers from Sevastopol. Since ancient times, grapes have been grown in these places, wonderful pleasant wine has been produced. In 1872, V.S. Perovskaya, who was the mother of the famous revolutionary Sofia Perovskaya, became the owner of the Primorskoye estate. In 1889, the famous entrepreneur F.O. Stahl acquired these lands, and the economy became famous for its products. Since then, more and more wine connoisseurs have appeared. These fine wines appeared on the king's table. Viticulture and winemaking would have developed further at this pace if not for the events of 1917. Eyewitnesses claim that at the beginning of the revolution, all the wine was poured from the entrepreneur's cellar so that no one would get it.

With the advent of Soviet power, the Alkadar state farm was created. In 1927 it was renamed and named after Sophia Perovskaya. The previous name of the state farm remained in the Sevastopol Agricultural Production Association, created in 1991. The name "Alkadar" is present at JSC S. Perovskaya as a trade mark and the name of a winery. This plant had a large capacity, which made it possible to process almost 8000 tons of various grapes per year. For wine materials, 250 thousand tons of high quality grapes were sold. Wine materials were supplied to factories that were engaged in secondary winemaking, and then - on tables for holidays and celebrations.

Perovskaya JSC has 800 hectares of vineyards. A large area is given over to technical varieties of various grapes, which are intended for the manufacture of vintage wines, as well as different varieties of champagne. The well-known vintage wines were produced here: Riesling, Aligote, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Rkatseteli and many others.

At the Alkadar plant in 2002 a wine tasting room was opened ... In this hall, not only tasting the best wines, which have been awarded high awards at international competitions, but also an acquaintance with the history of the development of winemaking takes place.

The tasting room is equipped with oak tables, which are made to order and is designed for 60 seats ... The hall is also equipped with air conditioning. The hall is cool in summer, and warm in winter. Each arriving tourist is offered nine samples of various wines, mineral water and several types of biscuits in the hall. All tasters listen to a story covering the history of winemaking, drinking culture, benefits of wines, the unique Sevastopol zone and,

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Topic: Winery Alkadar description and photo - Crimea: Sevastopol.Winery Alkadar description and photo - Crimea: Sevastopol

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