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Wyang Puppet Museum Indonesia, Jakarta Resort

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Wyang Puppet Museum, also known as Sonobudoyo Museum, located in the center of Jakarta. Wayang is an ancient Indonesian art that was known back in the first century AD, long before the appearance on the islands Islam and, according to some scholars, even before the development of Buddhism in Indonesia. Technically, Wayang is a shadow puppet show: flat, less often volumetric dolls made of specially crafted buffalo skin and attached to bamboo rods, installed behind a matte backlit screen, on which falls in the process of representing the shadows from the puppet characters. Behind the screen is the dalangs - the puppeteer storytellers, as well as the choir of singers and musicians. One of the unusual features of Wayang performances is the fact that you can watch the performance from any side: how more interesting is to decide viewer.

The heroes of Wayang performances, as a rule, are demons, powerful gods, spirits, legendary kings and commanders. Plots for one of the world's most unusual theatrical acts are often taken from the Ramayana or Mahabharata - famous Indian epics: such a tradition developed after how wayang ceased to be a purely religious rite of ancestor worship. The average performance lasts 4-5 hours, but for tourists, visiting the Wayang Museum, the performance is usually reduced to two. In the museum Sonobudoyo Wayang can be seen every day from eight o'clock in the evening, the rest time, visitors are invited to take a tour of the museum, learn about the history theater, its traditions and rules of staging, watch the process making dolls and even buying some of them as a keepsake.
Sonobudoyo Museum is an extremely famous institution, both in Indonesia and abroad. For example, only here you can get to presentation of the famous dalang Ki Manteb Sudarsono, the author of many plays, who holds the record for continuous performance of 24 s half an hour. Largely thanks to the efforts of Ki Manteba, they learned about Wayang in all over the world and even included in the UNESCO heritage list. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Wyang Puppet Museum Indonesia, Jakarta Resort.Wyang Puppet Museum Indonesia, Jakarta Resort

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