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Aleksanteri Church in Finland, Tampere resort

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Aleksanteri Church is a Lutheran church in Tampere, Finland.

The cathedral is almost 58 meters high and 60 meters long. the cathedral has 1,200 seats.

The church was named in honor of Emperor Alexander II, who in March 1880 celebrated the 25th anniversary of his reign. At this time there was the first stone was laid in the foundation of the church. Temple in the neo-gothic style was built under the direction of the architect Theodor Decker. By 1881, construction was completed and the church was consecrated in November. In 1883, at the expense of an anonymous the altarpiece was made by the artist A. Soltin. Department for sermons was created by the architect T. Decker.

In 1937, work was carried out on the reconstruction of the temple in the spirit of national Finnish romanticism. The reconstruction project was developed by Bertel Stommer. Shortly before the end of the work, a fire broke out, the consequences of which were eliminated by 1938. During the reconstruction, the altar part was walled up, a small chapel and prayer rooms were built.

In 1980, restoration was carried out, in which the building the original appearance was returned.
In 1885 an organ was installed in the church, practically destroyed by fire in 1937 year. The organ's facade survived, and the new organ was made and consecrated by 1939. The organ, which has 55 registers, was made according to the project of A. Vegelius in the organ workshop of the city of Kangasala. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Aleksanteri Church in Finland, Tampere resort.Aleksanteri Church in Finland, Tampere resort

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