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Esplanade Park in Finland, Helsinki resort

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Esplanade Park is a beautiful linden park in the historic center of Helsinki, designed and led by the architect Karl Ludwig Engel in 1820-1830.

Today the park is one of the most favorite among locals and tourists.

The park is located exactly between two wide streets - South and North esplanades. The park was included in the city's development plan already in 1812, and it was he who made the area so elegant and attractive for recreation. The oldest trees in the park were planted in the 1840s. The park is also a famous city landmark - it houses the open summer theater Espa, the oldest restaurant in the city, Kappeli, a monument to the Finnish poet and creator of the Finnish anthem Ludwig Runeberg, created by his son in 1885,   and other interesting objects. The Kappeli restaurant was originally just a small kiosk with snacks. The building of the restaurant was built in 1867 according to the project of A. Kh. Dakhlstrem, over time it was rebuilt and expanded several times. At the entrance to the lime park, there is a monument to Havis Amanda, an unofficial symbol of the city. Also, over time, monuments to various writers appeared in the park, in particular, Eino Leino. In memory of the famous storyteller Z. Topelius, a sculptural composition"Fairy Tale and True Story" was staged in the park in 1932. In the eastern part of the Esplanade Park there is a fountain, the composition of which includes a bronze figure of a girl.

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Topic: Esplanade Park in Finland, Helsinki resort.Esplanade Park in Finland, Helsinki resort

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